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The Forrester report did list Fuego as a "strong performer" and among the top offerings in the market. "Fuego brings powerful integration for system-intensive processes to human-centric BPMS," the report said.
Some market watchers questioned BEAs move.
Anne Thomas Manes, an analyst with Burton Group Inc., said BEAs move looks confusing. "Sure, lets invest in another niche market," she said. "Our strategy is already confusing, lets make it more so... BEA is positioning Fuego/BPM as part of the red-hot SOA software market, but BPM pre-dates SOA. It has been and continues to be a fringe market, not main-stream SOA. BPM solutions may exploit standards-based SOA services, but they tend to be all-inclusive and proprietary." Stuart Selip, Manes colleague and also an analyst at Burton, said: "U.S. forces used a multi-pronged strategy in the Pacific theater during WWII, attacking at many points and confusing the Japanese as to where and how to defend. "Accordingly, the Japanese often reinforced the wrong island bases, deploying men and materiel that we simply bypassed. Im not suggesting that BEAs purpose is to obfuscate its true strategy, yet they do seem to be doing a good job of it." However, Ronald Schmelzer, an analyst at ZapThink LLC, said, "Its clear that business process is a key part to making composite services in an SOA work. Indeed, you cant do service composition without business process. As such, acquiring a BPM company like Fuego makes a lot of sense for BEA, given that their existing process tooling wasnt particularly service-oriented, and service-oriented process is clearly a key element of the AquaLogic roadmap." Meanwhile, "This is great news because it validates the strategic importance of the BPM market," said Shawn Price, CEO of Savvion. "The BPM market is red hot and SOA is critical to market leading companies. Leading companies understand the need and the value of process management, and IT departments need a solution which is consistent with their SOA strategy. "Savvion is already there, and we are the leader in BPM. BEAs claims about open standards and platform support dont add up. Savvion is the only enterprise class vendor providing BPM as an extension of the companys existing application investments in Oracle, SAP, Siebel, IBM and Tibco. "Customers just arent buying this one stack equals the world philosophy." Editors Note: This story was updated to include additional information about the acquisition and comments from the companies officials. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis in Web services.

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