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As any computer artist will tell you, trying to draw well with a mouse is nearly impossible. A pen tablet is a vast improvement, although there is a definite disconnect between moving a pen on a tablet in your lap and watching the results appear on a desktop monitor. Wacoms Cintiq 21UX ($2,499 direct) interactive pen display bridges the gap by merging the tablet and monitor.

The 17- by 12.75-inch Cintiq is a desktop device that hooks up to your computer via both a DVI-I connector (DVI-D and VGA adapters are included) and a USB port. The Cintiq stand is an ingenious contraption, with a circular notch that holds the rounded hinge on the back of the LCD.

You can reach behind the display to access two office chair–style levers, pull the right lever to straighten the display like a regular monitor, or pull the left lever to tilt the display back until its almost flat on the desk. When flat, the displays rounded hinge lets it rotate in the stand in a compelling simulation of an animators drawing table and disc.

The Cintiq has many of the wonderful features found on the Wacom Intuos3, including the same wireless pen, pressure sensitivity (1,024 levels), and best of all, the Touch Strips and ExpressKeys. These can be programmed to replicate common key shortcuts, practically eliminating the need for a keyboard as you draw and paint. Read the full story on PCMag.com: Wacom Cintiq 21UX


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