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So whats to be shown at the conference in Grapevine? What signal are you hoping to send? The core message is on the Software Development Platform and fleshing out more meat on that. So well specifically be showing new product capabilities across the different modeling and testing areas and so forth. And well also be showing what were doing with partners and some customer successes.
How is the effort to "Eclipsize" all of Rationals products?
Even before the acquisition we were on that path and most of our tools are already there. All of our modeling and pretty much all of our testing products are in the Eclipse environment now. And we are leveraging that to get the last of our products in there and also use the EMF [Eclipse Modeling Framework] to integrate those tools deeply. The EMF allows deep semantic integration. So in our current tools we do requirements management, modeling, testing, etc. Theres a notion in requirements management for requirements, theres a notion in modeling for use cases, theres a notion in testing for test cases, and those are very related items and our tools provide integration among them. In the new generation of the Software Development Platform with the common EMF, they actually share a common meta-model so its not like theyre separate things. One type of requirement is one thats defined in terms of a use case, and so from all these different perspectives youre looking at the same underlying meta-model. So we arent passing data between tools, we dont have the consistency issues and so forth; its a common meta-model across all of our tools. So "Eclipsizing" is a much bigger thing than what it sounds like. Were not just moving our tools into the Eclipse framework and adopting the user interface and so forth. In some sense were really evolving the whole next-generation wave of doing development, because we can get the integration that the industry has been striving for for many, many years. Now we can really achieve that. And its something Rational by itself quite frankly could never have done. But the combination of Rational and IBM, given our strength in the development market, allowed us to do this. So the status? We have products shipping, and we are introducing more complete versions of the tools that achieve the deeper semantic integration. Our modeling tools are integrated into Eclipse, but we havent fully implemented all of the meta-model integration. Well lay out the roadmap for that. How does Rational play into IBMs effort to approach software sales according to vertical markets? There are several dimensions there. First of all, our products themselves have attributes that apply in specific markets. For example our real-time testing tools are things that apply more in the embedded and real-time industry sector, with things like the industrial markets such as telecommunications equipment companies and aerospace companies. We have some industry-specific features in our product line. And the good news is many of our products are common across industries, so there were working with the various IBM industry sectors. So we integrate our products to some of the other products out there that appeal to various industry sectors. In the field organization our Rational sales force is part of the software development specialty, where there are different specialties in the field organization. But the main thing is working closely with the different IBM industrial sectors and with the efforts in Software Group, particularly around business integration. Next Page: How Rational plays into IBMs on-demand strategy.


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