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You think Rationals momentum has been affected by the acquisition? Because youve had to take a lot of time to focus on the integration, etc. Our momentum has been accelerated. From a revenue growth point of view and a market share point of view, weve gained two years in the marketplace probably.
OK, but Im talking about innovation.
From an innovation point of view, weve also accelerated because of access to all this technology, the Eclipse technology and the research technology. So in terms of product release schedules weve stayed on track. We released Rational Suite 2003 on schedule; were going to be able to deliver a lot more this year than we could as an independent company. Whats been the reaction of the top-level Rational team? Have they adapted? I know you lost some top-level people like Eric Shurr [former VP of marketing] and Burton Goldfield [former VP of worldwide sales]. Yeah, even if you look at Eric and Burton as great examples, both of them would tell you that this was the right thing for Rational, the right thing for Rationals customers and they think what IBM Rational is doing—but more importantly what IBM is doing—is just the right thing and that IBM is clearly going to own this space. But there were personal issues. In Burtons case hes on the West Coast and was doing a little too much traveling for his tastes. So there are things like that; in any change of this magnitude youre going to have a few of those. But if you look at the people we have running the different parts of the business we all would agree that that [the acquisition] was the right thing for Rational and the right thing for our customers. But our attrition rates were lower than I expected and lower than what IBM expected going into this. I did a story last year about there being a segment of IBM Rationals modeling gang that left for Microsoft, and I wanted to know how that could happen given the importance of modeling to Rational. Yes, modeling is an A-level issue for us and weve increased the investment, as I said, relative to what we could do as an independent company by quite a bit, actually. Weve substantially increased our investment here. We knew we would be targeted by Microsoft and that they would be incredibly aggressive because they had been depending on Rational for modeling and they were going to have an issue. We expected a certain amount of that, and less actually occurred than I expected or IBM overall expected going into this. Has IBM committed to adopting RUP, the Rational Unified Process? Were using RUP as IBMs lead product for all the IBM customers. IGS [IBM Global Services] is using it on their key projects internally, and within IBM development were rolling both our tools and the process. So its an incremental thing. But, yes, were adopting it internally and externally its being promoted as one of the core products. Check out eWEEK.coms Developer & Web Services Center at for the latest news, reviews and analysis in programming environments and developer tools.

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