Orcas and SOAs

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Whats the story with Orcas [the successor to Whidbey]? Orcas well see in the Longhorn timeframe as well. The tools philosophy is basically have a significant release of Visual Studio timed with significant platform advances. So Yukon is a significant platform advance; well have Whidbey for that. Longhorn is a significant platform advance, and well have Orcas for that.
Any specifics generically you can give on that? On Orcas?
Well certainly be fully supporting the Longhorn features. As much as theres a new storage system with WinFS, well have support for that. As much as theres a great presentation system for Avalon [the API framework for Longhorn], well make sure people can write and create Avalon applications. And with the managed framework becoming a key part of Windows well continue to enhance that as well. Basically, its goal is to be the premier tool that developers should want to develop Longhorn applications. Whats your vision (or Microsofts strategy) for service-oriented architectures? I map SOA and Web services very tightly. In some sense I think about them the same way. I certainly think that how you should expose services in an SOA is via Web services. I think that the other thing thats important is how youre going to orchestrate collections of services, especially when theyre across multiple partners and you need to coordinate many of them in a single business transaction. And there it really is the orchestration efforts led by our BizTalk products. So we see SOAs taking hold in companies all the time, and I see that trend only accelerating. Thats why were investing heavily into modeling tools so people can model SOA and create the stubs and flesh out the frames. Next page: Taking on Sun and IBM.


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