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IBM?"> Do you have any perception about Suns software strategy? Youll have to ask Sun about Suns software strategy.
I was asking your perception.
I think many customers see Sun as a hardware company. OK, let me take it a step further. At JavaOne one of the big things they touted was a Java development tool theyre coming up with called Project Rave, which is said to be a VB-like Java development environment. Different from BEAs Workshop tool? Well, this is supposedly very much like VB … Like NetBeans was like VB? I think "asked and answered" is appropriate at this point. Im not going to speculate on what a competitor may or may not do. I will tell you weve worked super-hard making sure VB is the most productive tool for developers. And that as developers choose Java as their language, we think that J# is the most productive tool for Java developers. And we will be second to no one in terms of developer productivity. How strategic is SMB to Microsoft, particularly from your perspective? IBM says thats where they have to stop Microsoft. IBM says thats where they have to stop Microsoft. I think I said thats where we need to better serve our customers. I dont think of it as an IBM competitive thing. I wish IBM all the luck in the world, taking IBMs products and consultants and unleashing them on small business. What I talked about was that I think that we as an industry need to do a better job of building products specifically around small and medium business. And I stand by that. And I think weve done some great work with Small Business Server in that area. I think we need to show people that we need to do more than just take an enterprise product, delete a few features, cut the price a little bit and say voila heres a product for small and medium business. We really need to think about what its like to be an employee in a small and medium business when you may be the IT staff in a small and medium business. Theres lots of ground for innovation there. Hopefully the work were doing with SBS is a watershed, and it will impact our productivity line as well. Its my goal to really catalyze the industry to really build better products for this space. Whats your favorite enhancement in Whidbey? You want to put me on the spot with my development team? It would have to be the return of Edit-and-Continue to VB. Thats a big deal. Next page: Does Microsoft need standards bodies?


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