Windows & Interoperability: 10 Products Microsoft Should Fear

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-05-03 Print this article Print
10 Products Microsoft Should Fear

10 Products Microsoft Should Fear

by Don Reisinger
Microsoft is in a strange position. The company, which once dominated almost every facet of the IT industry, is now feeling pressure from Google, Apple and several other smaller firms, such as Zoho, that are quietly encroaching on its operation. At the same time, Microsoft isn't doing much to help its own cause. The company has had some trouble regaining its footing after the disaster that was Windows Vista. Internet Explorer, once the only major player in the browser space, is now being cut down by Google's Chrome browser, Firefox and others. Even Microsoft Office is under attack at the hands of online productivity suites like Google Docs. So it seems that the future is decidedly unknown for Microsoft. The company isn't in the same position it once was. And nowadays, it's forced to worry about products from other firms that could put its own operation into jeopardy. That doesn't necessarily mean that Microsoft will crumble anytime soon—it's too big (and rich) for that to happen—but it should be scared about several products that could significantly harm its operation.
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