Bing Is Pretty Good

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-11-03 Print this article Print

6. Bing is pretty good

Microsoft Live wasn't all that great. But if users check out Bing, I think they'll like what they find. The search provides most of the same results users will find on Google. And thanks to extras such as visual search, it does add a few add-ons that users won't find in Google Search. There's a reason why Bing has gained some ground in the search-engine space -- it's pretty good.

7. Microsoft is settings its sights on Google

Although Google might be targeting Microsoft, the software giant is also targeting Google. It has a set game plan to limit the impact Google has in the marketplace. It knows what it wants to do. And thanks to the coffers of cash it can draw upon, I don't think it's so easy to say that Microsoft doesn't have a chance.

8. The enterprise trusts Microsoft

Google might be doing well when it comes to consumers, but the company is still lagging far behind in the enterprise. Its mobile platform has yet to captivate that space. Google Docs doesn't provide enough value to entice enterprise users to switch from Microsoft Office. Without those two key elements, the company can't expect to do much with either service.

9. Microsoft knows the future is the cloud too

Google might know that the future will be coming is on the Internet, but I believe that Microsoft understands that as well. The software giant has made it clear that it plans on combating Google on the Web. It's starting to bring more of its services (including Office) to the Internet. Microsoft is very much a part of the cloud-computing trend.

10. Windows 7 is the X factor

As useless as Windows Vista might have been, Windows 7 is a different story. That operating system is currently being enjoyed by Windows users who see it for what it is: the operating system that Vista should have been. The more success Windows 7 enjoys, the more trouble Google will have trying to capitalize on the software market. Google knows that. And so does Microsoft.

Google can't get too complacent. Microsoft is very much a part of this battle.

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