Dont Forget the Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-09-30 Print this article Print

6. Forget everything you know about Windows Mobile

For too long, Microsoft has tried to make Windows Mobile a mini version of Windows. It needs to stop. Just because they share a name, they don't necessarily need to share functionality. Windows Mobile should be a place where Microsoft can push the envelope a little. It can do unique things that it can't with Windows 7. It needs to remember that.

7. Don't forget the enterprise

Some software developers forget about the enterprise. In the mobile-phone market, that's a major blunder. The enterprise is where much of the success Microsoft hopes to have will come from. The new Windows Mobile platform needs to be corporate-friendly, featuring options that go beyond Exchange support. Making it easy to communicate with others should be paramount. Having the ability to edit documents in an efficient way is also important. No expense on an enterprise function can be spared. It's a key battleground.

8. Focus on the keyboard

One of the places where Microsoft can trump Apple is on the virtual keyboard. Assuming the company ties its future to the touch screen, Microsoft should spend as much time and energy as possible perfecting the typing experience. It won't be as accurate as a physical keyboard, but it should be improved upon over the iPhone's virtual keyboard. If Microsoft can succeed in doing that, it's already one step ahead.

9. Simplicity is OK

Microsoft needs to remember that just because Windows is a sophisticated operating system, Windows Mobile doesn't have to be. We use computers to handle all the work we require. We use smartphones to handle some of the simpler tasks we have. Windows Mobile needs to be much simpler than it has been in the past. Look at the iPhone -- it's powerful, yet capable. Microsoft needs to remember that.

10. Learn from Apple

Microsoft can learn a lot from Apple. The iPhone has single-handedly supplanted every other major phone in the space. And its story is a case study in what to do if you're trying to compete in the market. Microsoft lost that vision somewhere along the way. It needs to regain it.

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