Window 7 Gets Back on Track with Enterprise Customers

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-02-09 Print this article Print

5. The enterprise is key

Until Apple realizes the value of the enterprise, the company will have a hard time challenging Windows 7. The business world has been a major reason for Microsoft's success over the years. And by making several improvements to its OS in an attempt to make the corporate world even more vested in Windows, it's likely that Microsoft's operating system will continue to dominate that space. Without the enterprise, Apple's growth will continue to be stunted. And so far, the company has done little to stop that.

6. Vendors are starting to understand design

Since Mac OS X only runs on Apple computers, Apple can make the design of its hardware a selling point. Microsoft doesn't have that luxury. And in recent years, PC vendors have sold ugly computers. But that's starting to change. Recent HP and Dell designs reveal that both companies are starting to realize that the design of a product is just as important as its price. The more appealing PCs are, the less likely Apple will be able to capitalize on its own designs. That, in turn, will hurt Mac OS X market share.

7. Affordability comes into play

Apple's products are offered at a premium. When things are going well, that might not be a problem. But the world is still struggling to get out from under a major recession that has left millions unemployed. As consumers go back to stores, they won't necessarily choose the more expensive computer any more. In many cases, they will be looking for the best value. Considering some HP and Dell notebooks are available for just a few hundred dollars, it's likely those consumers will start there. If nothing else, Microsoft has affordability on its side.

8. It's the feature set

Windows 7 offers several new features that make it more appealing than Mac OS X. For example, Windows 7's improved taskbar easily beats out Mac OS X's Dock as a viable navigation tool. The revamped Start menu is a treat to use. And thanks to encryption features like BitLocker and BitLocker to Go, keeping data hidden from the wrong people is much easier. Windows 7 is a full-featured OS that trumps Mac OS X on several fronts. Customers are starting to realize that.

9. Microsoft won't repeat past mistakes

Microsoft has committed several mistakes that has set the company back. But Microsoft has shown that with Windows 7 that it can adapt and learn from those mistakes. Apple had a window to drastically increase OS X market share when Microsoft was down. But now the software company is back with a better operating system that is selling extremely well. Windows 7 has practically ensured that Microsoft won't repeat the mistakes it made with Windows Vista. That can't be good for Apple.

10. Windows XP mode

One of the major complaints about Windows Vista was its incompatibility with software and peripherals. It especially impacted the enterprise, which relied upon those extras to perform work. Responding to that, Microsoft has delivered Windows XP mode. The virtual installation of Microsoft's old OS has revolutionized the company's operating system. It practically ensures that no matter the software version or the peripheral, if a Windows 7 user has Windows XP mode running, they will be able to get it working. Apple has nothing of the sort. And for the past few years, it relied upon those compatibility issues to lure customers away from Microsoft. Now that advantage is gone.

Apple is undoubtedly a successful company with several fine products. But Windows 7 has changed everything. And it will likely stunt Mac OS X's growth.


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