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Two fans who joined the line at around 7 p.m. had the "Halo 2" emblem painted on their bodies. One, a 28-year-old graphic designer who played "Halo" with her friends as a team in multiplayer mode and had finished it several times, up to the hardest level of difficulty, had the emblem painted on her cheek and spray-painted in her hair. A 23-year-old friend had it painted on his bare chest, despite the temperature being in the 40s. Although he had just gotten laid off, he admitted that if he were working, hed have called in with the "Halo Flu." "I have not played a game with so much enthusiasm and excitement since the early days of Nintendo," he said. His team agreed, adding that "Halo 2" would definitely affect their work.
Farther back in line were roommates, a 29-year-old apprentice film editor and a 26-year-old editor for a medical publishing company. "Were not that hardcore," they claimed when asked if they would miss work to play "Halo 2." Between them, however, they figured they owned all of the gaming platforms.
An international student who is in New York studying business said he had originally played "Halo" on a friends Xbox in Germany. He was in line to buy an Xbox and "Halo 2." "Its global," he claimed. "Its Microsoft." It is global. One Microsoft employee came to Times Square from Tokyo and brought with him a reporter from the popular Japanese gaming magazine Dorimaga. Other Microsoft insiders, including Jay Allard, general director of Xbox, talked to fans and posed for pictures. Allard said theyd been there all day. Meanwhile, radio station K-ROCK broadcast live from 45th Street. Is "Halo 2" worth the hype? Yes, according to gaming Web sites, which are giving the game near-perfect reviews, including PC Magazine and 1UP. Check out eWEEK.coms for Microsoft and Windows news, views and analysis.


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