Windows & Interoperability: Microsoft Windows 8: Top 10 Questions We Want Answered Now

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-06-07 Print this article Print
Will the Learning Curve Be Steep?

Will the Learning Curve Be Steep?

Microsoft has taken a major gamble with Windows 8. Rather than simply offer the same, basic layout it has for years, the companys upcoming operating system will feature tiles, similar to those on Windows Phone 7, to deliver as much information to the user as possible in a single pane. It seems like an interesting idea, but will it take a long time for users to grow accustomed to using it? Microsoft better hope not.
Slowly but surely, Microsoft is revealing details on Windows 8, the latest follow-on to the company's highly acclaimed and extremely popular Windows 7. So far, the software giant has revealed that Windows 8 will focus heavily on tablets and come with a new look and feel that should appeal to those who are warming to mobile operating systems. But at this point, there are still far too many questions related to Windows 8 left unanswered. As Microsoft offers up more details, more questions arise over how the operating system will work, how the software will appeal to different kinds of customers and much more. Considering that this new version is shaping up to be radically different from the current version of Windows, it's highly unlikely that many questions will be answered until beta testers get a close look at it. Chances are, the market will need to wait at least until the Consumer Electronics Show next year, where Microsoft usually presents a major keynote, to learn many important details. To help Microsoft between now and then, the following slides are a collection of questions that the software giant should answer. Some are quite likely to be answered soon, while others might not be answered for a year. But in either case, they will need to be answered before Windows 8 finally hits store shelves. Flip through the following slides to find out some of the questions Microsoft should answer about its Windows 8.
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