And Then, Things Went

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2006-10-19 Print this article Print

Downhill Fast"> One screen tells me that the system is now running the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. I wonder, is this a tool to remove malicious software developed by Microsoft? I guess that could be a growth business.

A later screen informs me that Im getting IE required updates and later still Im getting the IE core components. The clock is still ticking. At 2:16, Im told to restart my system. This is where the install starts to go downhill fast.
Im not a labbie, but Ive installed a lot of software. I know to shut everything down before I start installing and I know that hitting the restart rather than a complete shut-down is not a good idea on a new installation. It seems the gremlins always lurk in the system unless the system gets shut down cold.
But if it says restart, then that is what I will do, along with probably a few million other users. It seems to be working. At 2:21, it tells me it is setting up my personalization settings. The browser finds an Internet connection and heads over to and my trusty laptop freezes hard. At 2:28, this system is frozen harder than Lake Winnipesauke in January. There is no command from the start menu nor the three fingered control/alt/delete salute that will unfreeze my suffering ThinkPad. I hit the hardware reset button and wait. At 2:33 the reset takes hold, but the system cant seem to get past bootup. At 2:36 I hit the shutdown button and take the system out of the docking station. I think that a new version of IE, the interaction with XP and the docking station duties were simply overwhelming my ThinkPads brain. This may not sound like the best computer science, but it worked. I took the system out of the docking station, hit the start-up button and finally was able to boot to Windows and put the system back in the station. Now to try IE. I got the following message on my screen: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Most likely causes:
  • You are not connected to the Internet.

  • The website is encountering problems.

  • There might be a typing error in the address.
  • What you can try: Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another Web site to make sure you are connected. Retype the address. Go back to the previous page. More information But I was connected to the Internet. I know that because my ever reliable IBM access connections wizard told me I was cooking along at 100M bps. The IE browser seemed to be trying to find that Microsoft start-up page again and was failing with each attempt. OK, I figured it was a busy server day in Redmond and went for my ever reliable And there it was, my home page in all its glory and only 40 minutes after starting the install. I shut down IE and went back to Firefox. But, dont worry Bill and company, I will be back to try IE 7 again when I have a little more time on my hands. Check out eWEEK.coms for Microsoft and Windows news, views and analysis.

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