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Startup Launchpad

Google Launchpad to Support Startups in AI, Machine Learning Space

Google says its goal is to make Launchpad Studio a hub for the best in fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Daily Tech Briefing July 27

Adobe to Stop Updating and Distributing Flash Player in 2020 VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Adobe is phasing out Flash Player and will end support in 2020; Harvard researchers find the Prezi app more effective than PowerPoint; Qualcomm fights back against Apple, Intel and the CCIA; and there's more.

Salesforce Service Cloud Update Provides New Tools for Service Agents

The latest update to Salesforce Service Cloud is designed to help service agents offer better, mobile customer service and is more customizable.

Facebook Reports Record Profit Led by Soaring Mobile Ad Sales

Social network skates past Wall Street projections in its quarterly report, despite concerns that its ad load, or the number of advertisements it can show users without clogging up their news feeds, is nearing a ceiling.
Edge Blocks Flash

Retiring Adobe Flash Will Make the Web More Secure—Eventually

NEWS ANALYSIS: Adobe’s decision to end support for Flash after 2020 will bring some complications for businesses that haven’t already upgraded to more modern media players, but it will also make everybody more secure.
Daily Video 726

Cloud Shutdown Would Cost Service Providers Billions, Report Finds VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Global cloud shutdown could result in $53B in Losses, report finds; EU fine cuts Into Google parent Alphabet's second quarter profits; Windows 10 makes business gains two years after Release; and there's more.
Azure Containers

Microsoft Introduces Rapid Cloud Container Deployment Service

The company's new Azure Container Instances service allows customers to quickly deploy containers with a minimum of infrastructure management.

What the End-of-Life Schedule for Adobe Flash Means for Web Users SLIDESHOW

For many web app developers, the demise of the Adobe Flash web multimedia platform can't come soon enough. But the use of Flash, declining for years, will gradually fade away now that Adobe says it will end support for the platform at the end of 2020.
Growing Google Cloud

Google's Cloud Computing Business Shows Rapid Growth in Q2

Cloud services experienced strong growth across geographies and business sectors, company executives said in Google's second quarter 2017 earnings call on July 24.

Adobe Phasing Out Flash Player, Will End Support in 2020

Adobe said it made this decision--which has been expected for a few years--in collaboration with several of its technology partners, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Why GE Digital Believes All Machines Should Have a 'Digital Twin'

GE Digital CEO and Chief Digital Officer Bill Ruh sits down for an eWEEK Q&A to explain the development of Predix and how the company is using it in the industrial internet of things.
Google Alphabet

EU Fine Cuts Into Google Parent Alphabet's Second Quarter Profits

Alphabet's overall revenue growth and profits remained strong during last quarter despite getting hit with a $2.7 billion antitrust fine imposed by the European Union.

Startup LiveStories Enabling Search for Truth in Public Records

LiveStories was started up to enable people to obtain truth in content, something that has been a basic human fault throughout history.

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