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IBM Going Full Throttle in Its Evolution to Cloud Platforms

NEWS ANALYSIS: The key investment for IBM at this time is in cloud platforms and data centers, and the company is going all in for staying ahead of the IT curve.

Open Container Initiative Specifications Reach 1.0 Milestone

After two years of effort, the first official milestone of the Open Container Initiative's runtime and image specifications debuts.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Enables Nested Virtualization on Select Azure Virtual Machines

Microsoft offers its customers more testing environment flexibility by enabling a feature that allows virtual machines to run within other virtual machines.
connected car

Microsoft Cloud Joins Baidu's Apollo Autonomous Driving Program

The companies will use Microsoft's cloud to extend Baidu's autonomous driving technology platform beyond China.
Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Lowers Friction Between Skype Experiences on Windows 10

Further blurring the lines between voice calls, video chats and text conversations, Microsoft updates the Skype app for Windows 10.
IBM Bluemix Garage

Business Apps Vendors Are All In on Artificial Intelligence

NEWS ANALYSIS: Infor's "Coleman" is the newest AI platform, joining the likes of Watson and Salesforce's Einstein, as well as services from big-name cloud providers. Here’s how they stack up.
Daily Tech Briefing July 14

Amazon Prime Day Smashes Sales and Subscriber Growth Records VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Amazon reports record Prime Day sales and subscriber growth; Microsoft puts Windows Phone 8.1 out to pasture; Microsoft's Seeing AI app describes the world to blind users; and there's more.

Workday Believes the Time Has Come for a PaaS Deployment

By opening up the Workday Cloud Platform and entering the PaaS market, Workday will enable customers and its ecosystem to use its platform services to build custom extensions and applications in a hosted environment.
Data breaches

Verizon Won't Be the Last to Leave Data Exposed in the Cloud

NEW ANALYSIS: Once again, security researchers have found that data has been left open and improperly secured in the cloud and it's going to keep happening.
Microsoft 365 2

Microsoft 365 Covers Business IT Needs From Desktop to the Cloud SLIDESHOW

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of applications and cloud services that will help ensure that the software giant retains the loyalty of business customers of all sizes even as they continue their migration to cloud computing.

Amazon Reports Record Prime Day Sales and Subscriber Growth

NEWS ANALYSIS: Amazon’s quest for retail industry domination received a boost from what the company described as the most successful Prime Day in its history as Prime membership soared along with its stock price.

Cisco Launches Generation 5 Servers for Unified Computing System

UCS has been a highly successful example of the pre-configured, pre-tested server genre, because it’s now in its fifth generation and has sold more than 60,000 systems worldwide.

New Quest SaaS Package Manages Azure AD, Office 365

On Demand, the first SaaS platform from the Quest Microsoft Platform Management business, is automated and designed to handle any size workload.

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