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SMBs Within Reach"> TerMaat looked at several data recovery services before settling on Kroll Ontrack Inc.s Remote Data Recovery, which performs data recovery over the Internet and analyzes data on hard drives at the block level and attempts to re-create data that has been corrupted or deleted.

"Remote Data Recovery services got us up and running faster than tape backup would have," said TerMaat. "And none of the other recovery services we looked at provided that sort of service for NetWare."

The Remote Data Recovery software communicated from Olsson Associates system to Ontracks recovery site, where Ontrack personnel remotely conducted the recovery operation. Once the process began, an Ontrack recovery engineer controlled the fallen server and ran diagnostic tools remotely to analyze the servers storage system.

After the diagnostics were run, the Ontrack recovery engineer gave TerMaat a list of recoverable files. Luckily, Remote Data Recovery could restore TerMaats data volumes to the way they were before the incident. The restoration process, from beginning to end, took roughly two days.

To read more about some of the latest hardware and management wares from storage vendors, click here. Ontrack charges a $100 diagnostic fee, and a basic recovery starts at $1,000. To recover a large file server, IT managers should expect to spend several thousand dollars, depending on the amount of data that must be recovered.

Remote Data Recovery also came to the rescue of Pathfinder Insurance, a 45-person company. A server BIOS update gone awry nearly obliterated important documents stored on the companys combination file and e-mail server.

Like many small businesses, Pathfinder Insurance relies on tape backups as its primary means of data protection. Unfortunately, because of budget constraints and a limited IT staff (one person), the companys backup software had not been updated, and full restore tests were not being performed at the time of the incident. As a result, the data restore left the company with files that were 2 months old.

Pathfinder IT Director John Long, in Houston, decided against sending disks to a local data-recovery service because the service would not give his company a bond to ensure their safety.

Furthermore, because client data was stored on the disks, sending the disks off-site put client privacy at risk.

Like TerMaat, Long decided to go with Ontracks Remote Data Recovery, which does not require data to leave a site. Remote Data Recovery restored Longs data in one day, with no data lost.

Long has since upgraded his backup software and is looking to implement local (within data center) data mirroring technology to ensure that a problem like this doesnt happen again.

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