Adobe Marketing Cloud Links With Creative Cloud

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2013-03-08 Print this article Print

"Nothing moves faster in digital marketing than social, so we have redesigned Adobe Social to get to insight and action more quickly," he said in a statement. "We’re seeing incredible momentum with Adobe Social as more and more brands see the value of connecting social activity to business results."

Christopher Reynolds, vice president of marketing analytics at Conde Nast, told eWEEK the new social capabilities in the Adobe Marketing Cloud really stood out to him. "Before this, I thought the front end was lacking a bit," he said. "But the social additions to the marketing cloud represented a huge step--it delivers what we tried to create in our team. We’ve been historians where we would take stuff out of social media and feed it in for analysis. The progress they made on the front end is impressive.”

With the new Adobe Marketing Cloud UI, "it is nice to have the team be able to talk together," Reynolds said. "We were actually looking for other tools for that. The ability to have a conversation about a piece of data is big. To be able to have all the people involved in the process comment on what’s happening is important because there are usually a lot of different pieces in play.”

Rencher said this is all part of Adobe’s strategy to deliver what its digital marketing customers need.

"We need to iterate faster," he told eWEEK. "We need to meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile customer base. Consumers expect consistency and relevance whenever and wherever they interact with us. The thing is we need to let them have it their way.

"We want them to be able to take an action and we deliver an experience that makes sense. We call this the last millisecond; that is how you get this experience together and how do you deliver it to an iPhone, a tablet or a PC," he said.

Last year, Adobe had 27 distinct products in its digital marketing portfolio. Now the company has five key solutions in its Adobe Marketing Cloud. They are the following:

Adobe Analytics puts the power of relevant data into the hands of marketers. They will be able to see trends, get key insights, and make strategic decisions that help them customize their digital experiences, find and create loyal customers, and increase revenue.

Adobe Target lets marketers create, dynamically serve and continually optimize personalized messages that break through the clutter, increase conversion and keep customers coming back.

Adobe Social ties social activity to business results, showing marketers what is working, how it is working and what they need to do to get even better results across all their social media investment.

Adobe Experience Manager allows marketers to create, manage, customize and deliver brand-building content seamlessly between smartphones, tablets and the desktop.

Adobe Media Optimizer is an ad-management platform that gives marketers a consolidated view of how their media is performing, along with tools to both accurately forecast and continually optimize their media mix to deliver peak return on their investment.


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