Google Chrome Browser Keeps Winning Converts: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-05-22 Print this article Print

5. Mobile devices are helping

Mobile devices are leading the charge for Chrome right now. Chrome is the standard browser that ships with all Android devices. In a large number of cases, people are not downloading other options, like Opera. That's good news for Google and the company's market share.

6. Google Drive support

With Chrome, Google offers 5GB of free storage in its Drive service. That might not seem like a lot, but it does add up, when one considers that they can store all kinds of Web pages, documents and other files through Drive. And that's all because of Chrome.

7. Sharing of information

When users download Chrome and input their personal Google credentials, everything they do on the browser can be saved and transported to other devices on which they use the software. So, for instance, if they want access to their bookmarks on their Galaxy S 4, they can have that. If they have multiple computers and want to see their history, they can do so. It's a great feature.

8. Speedy performance is a big factor

Google's Chrome is perhaps best-known for its speed. When Google first launched the browser, the company said that it would be able to beat out competitors on speed—and it was right. Now, years later, Chrome is still one of the speediest browsers out there, depending on the computer a person is running. Chrome's speed is a huge selling point.

9. It's all about the add-ons

Google made a solid decision in following Mozilla's lead and allowing for extensions in Chrome. Those extensions allow users to add a host of features to the browser and make it more functional. Best of all, Google's Chrome marketplace is growing rapidly, meaning developers are happy to bring their creations to the browser. Over time, that means more and more functionality.

10. Google is pushing the "Chrome" brand hard

Chrome's success might also have a lot to do with Google doing as much as it can to push the Chrome brand. The company has a Chrome-based operating system, devices running the software are called Chromebooks, and everywhere one turns, they're seeing the company's Chrome ball logo.

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