Google I/O Buzz Focuses on New Android Version, Mysterious Fuchsia OS

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Google I/O Buzz Focuses on New Android Version, Mysterious Fuchsia OS

These are busy days for software developers who attended Microsoft Build May 10-12 and are now turning their attention to Google’s annual I/O conference. The show, which will convene May 17, will likely focus prominent Google platforms such as Android and Chrome OS. Google is also expected to discuss the future of its Android TV platform and it's possible that the cloud giant will unveil the mystery operating system called Fuchsia. But Google could also venture off the beaten path to talk about its vision for virtual reality and how it plans to compete with the Alexa and Siri virtual assistants. Read on to learn more about the news buzz surrounding Google I/O 2017.

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The New Android O

Much of Google I/O will focus on the new Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. Details are few, but the operating system is known as Android O, or Oreo. Look for new features in the OS including better control for the smart home, better security and a streamlined design.

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Look forImprovements to Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is facing competition from Microsoft Windows 10 S, an operating system designed for the education space. Now Google is said to be updating Chrome OS to improve its interface and performance, especially on low-end computers.

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What’s Going on with Fuchsia?

Google’s ultra-secret operating system Fuchsia finally might get some stage time at I/O this year. Fuchsia isn’t based on Linux, like Android, and supposedly is designed for the “modern” smartphone and personal computer, offering an entirely different take on mobile and desktop operating systems.

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Google Needs to Enhance Google Assistant

The virtual personal assistant market is crowded and growing. Google likely will announce improvements to Google Assistant that include the ability to identify images and answer questions more intelligently. Google Assistant is critical to the company’s artificial intelligence pitch to customers.

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Google Will Likely Talk About Daydream VR Platform

Adoption of Google’s Daydream platform so far has been slow. Yet, Google said it is firmly committed to low-cost virtual reality. Look for the company to announce new capabilities for Daydream and more smartphone and app support. Google also could unveil a new Daydream headset at the show.

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There Will Be a Talk About Mixed Reality, Too

Google also has been dabbling in mixed reality. The company is rumored to be planning new mixed- and augmented-reality features at I/O to illustrate how it believes virtual elements can interact with the real world. And could Google Glass make an appearance?

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Don’t Forget About Google Home

Google might choose to respond to Echo Show, Amazon’s latest smart-home hub, at I/O. There’s no telling what Google might have planned, but a touch-screen would be a must—Amazon offers it in the Echo Show and Apple has hinted a touch-screen could be part of its own rumored smart-home hub.

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Experimental Projects Continue to Take Shape

It’s no secret that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is working on an array of experimental projects, some of which could get some attention at I/O. Alphabet may discuss Waymo’s advancements in its self-driving car technology, or Project Loon, which aims to bring better internet access to people around the world. Or, given the importance of technology in health care, it could discuss emerging health technologies.

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Google Entertainment Products May Get Updates

As competition grows in the entertainment market, Google might respond with software improvements to its Android TV platform. Google’s Chromecast, also critical to the company’s entertainment appeal, might also get an update. And don’t be surprised if Google makes some big announcements regarding content acquisitions.

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Will Android Wear Get Some Attention?

Google announced a new version of Android Wear earlier this year, so it’s unknown whether it will be a part of I/O. However, some reports say Google will offer a few minor design and feature updates at the show, including the ability for users to access apps quickly from the home screen. The updates likely will be available soon after.

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