Google+ Social Network Won't Get the Ax

By Mike Elgan  |  Posted 2014-05-09 Print this article Print

I would call on Google to step forward and clearly state that it has no plans to kill Google+, but in fact they have done so already.

Why the worst-case scenarios aren’t even bad

In all the gnashing of teeth over possible and actual changes in the Google+ department, three worst-case scenarios emerge.

The first worst-case scenario is that Hangouts would be moved from Google+ to Android. The second is that photos would be moved to Android. And the third is that Google would stop aggressively integrating Google+ into other Google products.

My reaction to all this is: So what? If these changes take place, it takes away nothing from the experience of user Google+. Hangouts aren't well integrated in Google+ anyway.

Google’s Auto Awesome photo magic all takes place in the cloud and will need a desktop-browser home to compliment the mobile app versions. Keeping it on Google+ or not keeping it on Google+—what's the difference? As long as I can click one button to share to Google+, it's all the same thing. So even if the Android team is in charge of it, the experience of using photos wouldn’t likely be seriously affected.

And integrations—such as those implemented in Gmail, Google Play and YouTube—are super nice, but exist mainly as improvements for those other sites, not Google+.

The worst-case scenarios aren’t even bad outcomes for Google+ users.

And this has to be said: You’ve no doubt read articles about how nobody uses Google+, how Google+ is a “ghost town”—that sort of thing. One of my hobbies is to check on the Google+ profiles of every prominent Google+ naysayer. In every single case, these “ghost town” people are non-users or inactive users to the extreme. I still challenge anyone to show me an active Google+ user who says it’s a “ghost town.”

To use Google+ is to bring it alive with activity. It’s like Twitter in that respect. If you open a Twitter account, follow three people, then leave and come back six months later, your Twitter stream will be conspicuously moribund. Google+ is no different.

So ignore the “ghost town” people. They have no idea what they’re talking about.

Why I’m going to keep living in Google+

I’ve been a huge Google+ fan since the beginning. As a site and service, it’s provably superior in most important respects. It's better designed, more secure, has a better following as well as comments and more. What's more is it has zero ads.

I’ve cultivated incredibly good relationships with a huge number of active users who continue to be active. I still have incredibly great conversations about topics of all kinds, discover some of the best content on the Internet, crowdsource my ideas effectively, upload and backup all my photos. In short I still think Google+ is the greatest blogging platform ever.

I get enormous value out of Google+ every day. And I see no reason to use Google+ less, or abandon the platform for what I would consider an inferior one.

So anyone is free to freak out about hearsay, rumor and irrational conclusions. For me, I'm going to keep using Google+ as actively as ever.


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