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Solution 1: Work With Carriers

To address its many issues, Google will first need to find a way to establish better relationships with carriers. As noted, Verizon has its sights set on the NFC space, while AT&T and T-Mobile are following closely. If Google Wallet is to be successful, Google must find a way to strike deals with carriers that will benefit both parties. It won't be easy, for sure, but it's an absolute necessity.

Solution 2: Remember the Average Consumer

As noted, consumers really don't know much about Google Wallet. And since there are few devices and credit card companies that support it, they probably don't care. The onus is on Google to start marketing its service far more effectively and make consumers want to at least try it out. Marketing is central to Google Wallet's future success.

Solution 3: Strike Better Deals With Merchants

Google Wallet haspartnerships with a host of major companies, including Macy's, CVS and Walgreens. But for Google Wallet to be successful, the search giant must bring the service to local merchants as well. Ubiquity is central to Google Wallet's success. And it's about time the search giant realizes that.

Solution 4: Get All Credit Card Companies Into the Fold

Google currently has a deal in place with MasterCard PayPass for its Wallet service. But for the offering to get off the ground, it needs to have many more agreements in place with credit card companies. Whether or not they will agree to those deals, of course, remains to be seen. But Google needs to try if it wants Wallet to be successful.

Solution 5: Make Security a Top Topic

Security is a major concern among mobile payment solutions. Whether or not it's justified is another story. But who cares? If Google can make the point that its offering is the "secure" source for mobile payment solutions, it can go a long way in establishing Wallet's position in that market. Security could verywell be Google's Trojan horse.

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