Microsoft Delivers Azure App Service

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2015-03-24 Print this article Print
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The visual design experience delivered with Logic Apps is new and groundbreaking, Khan said. Logic Apps enable developers to connect data across clouds and to automate business processes.

“Say you want to take a business process like looking at Twitter and understanding how customers are talking about your product and you want to take action on that,” he said. “Typically what you would do is automate some business process that monitors the Twitter feed, looks for sentiments about your product, and then based on the sentiment it will take action. We have in Logic Apps, the ability to create that automated business process in just a few clicks using the API Apps we deliver in the box. So you can very simply take a Twitter API app and monitor your Twitter feed. You can perform sentiment analysis on it. And then you can provide some logic to either put data from that Tweet into your Facebook page or put data from that Tweet into other systems like Zendesk and sending an SMS to an employee.”

Indeed, a developer can automate an entire business process visually and then can integrate their web and mobile apps with those business processes. “We allow you to automate business processes very, very easily in a visual way, but we also allow your backend code that’s hosted in App Service to interact with those business processes,” Khan told eWEEK.

Microsoft came up with App Service in response to developer requests for help in dealing with challenges of building apps in a mobile first, cloud first world. Developers are challenged with having to target any device and any platform out there. And they have to do so with the skill sets, tools and languages they are familiar with. Developers also face the challenge of having to connect data from a variety of different systems. Traditionally that’s been on premise, but more and more businesses are keeping data in the cloud as well – on popular services like Office 365 and So developers are challenged with how to integrate data from all these disparate sources into their apps. That’s the backdrop of why Microsoft came up with App Service, Khan said.

Meanwhile, Khan noted that there is potential to see integration between App Service and Azure Machine Learning. “All the services in Azure can be used together,” he said. “We have a unified management experience and we have a unified SDK for all the services in Azure. So any data that one service is interacting with can be connected easily with another service. So you can use Machine Learning with App Service. We see lots of interesting scenarios happening with machine learning.”


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