Microsoft TechEd 2013: Windows Azure Differentiates from the Crowd

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2013-06-03 Print this article Print

“We kind of re-launched it last June,” Guthrie said. “We shipped our Infrastructure-as-a-Service capability, we have a new management portal that really pulls together the product end-to-end, and we’ve got a bunch of great new features throughout the system, whether it’s Web and mobile back-end solutions, our media solution that we shipped earlier this year that lets you do streaming and coding, or the new big data Hadoop work we’ve done. I think the product’s in a good state. Yet, we’re continuing to make it better–both in the cloud, but also from a hybrid computing perspective where you can take advantage of the assets and the software that runs on-premise and connect it to the cloud. So a number of our Windows Server V-next discussions will center around improvements we are making along those lines. So you’ll see improvements there–so you’ll see a lot of end-to-end connectedness throughout our developer and connected stack. We’re using this to power the whole company now. The new Xbox One releases are based on Azure. We’re bootstrapping it and dogfooding it ourselves.”

Moreover, both TechEd and Build will start to make it “crystal clear” that Microsoft has a really broad platform and “you’ll begin to see us provide real differentiations that no one else can provide,” Guthrie told eWEEK.

“Part if it’s what I call unbeatable offers, where you look at it and say how can I not use that?,” Guthrie said. “For every MSDN user, of which there are many millions, the economics of not using the cloud no longer make sense. With the BizTalk Services release you also see us playing to our hybrid strengths in a very unique way. It’s a unique service that’s only provided by us. You’ll continually see us do more with each release–we’re doing one every three weeks now–where we’re really differentiating in a unique way that adds value to customers and helps Windows Azure pull ahead of others in the market and offer unique value propositions others are not providing today and it will be difficult for them to match.”

Mostly, though, Guthrie wants people to see that Microsoft is no longer providing base compute and storage and virtual machines. “You’re going to continue to see us evolve the service in a pretty compelling way where pretty much each month you’re going to see another one of these enhancements, where instead of a lift and shift discussion where people can take their existing code and assets and run it in the cloud, they can start to see the unique value of stuff they couldn’t do before that the cloud now enables. The magic sauce is taking advantage of the fact that we’re both on-premise and in the cloud and how we stitch those things together in unique ways.”


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