Road to Cloud Computing Obscured by Confusion, Marketing Hype

By Wayne Rash  |  Posted 2014-04-01 Print this article Print

The malware creators can study the detailed code of the proprietary security appliances and then learn exactly how to defeat them. She said that a move to open source for cloud management and security, as well as for other cloud functions, works better because you have an entire community working to make sure it stays secure.

This confusion is to some extent our fault, meaning my colleagues and me in the tech news media who are too quick to adopt the latest trendy marketing terms that are in reality simply new ways to say things that are already being done, or to supplant terms that are already being used.

But much of the reason lies at the feet of an industry that is always looking for an edge, a difference, a way to separate themselves from the competition by claiming their approach to virtualization or network management or security is somehow newer or more cool than the stuff with the old boring terms.

What this means to you, the IT manager, is that it's time to demystify some of those endless pieces of marketing jargon that ooze out of the vendors in the cloud community. Ask yourself every time you see yet another vague cloud term in the claims of VMware, Microsoft, or even Wedge Networks to explain what it really means. Chances are you'll learn soon enough that this new, trendy, term is just another way of saying something you're already saying.

Why the emphasis on clearing the fog out of all the marketing blather from cloud companies? The fact is that for your company to see how the cloud, and your IT department, can be a strategic advantage rather than a cost center, you have to be able to explain it in terms your executives understand and relate to. If you're going to be the IT hero that Dawson describes, then your management needs to know what you're doing, how you're saving money, how you're making your data center more responsive to their demands, and how you're helping your company compete more effectively.

In the process, you need to find a way to reduce the appearance of complexity, whether it's through the use of automation, or simply by reducing the number of steps between finding the need for a solution and delivering it. Remember, the cloud is not a new idea and neither is the virtualization required to implement it. They've been around for decades. The new idea is finding a way to use it to make your company work better.


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