Google's Chrome Canary Browser to Include 10 Critical Features

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Chrome Canary, Google's code name for its latest Chrome browser that's currently in testing, is once again available to both developers and users. Chrome Canary is not necessarily for the faint of heart in its current state. It's a decidedly beta product that comes with warnings from the search company that say it could crash at any time and shouldn't be considered a replacement for Chrome or any other browser at the moment. Quite the contrary, Chrome Canary is a work in progress, a piece of software that should not be relied on for the most important tasks. Still, Chrome Canary is an important browser for those who have been using Google's software for some time. Chrome Canary represents the future of Google's browser, and includes several improvements over the current platform that should make for a better experience. This eWEEK slide show examines Chrome Canary's features after trying it out to find the ways in which the platform might appeal to current Chrome users. Granted, the browser isn't all that different from the stable Chrome browser that is currently available. But that's not really the issue. Chrome Canary is an important upgrade to an already fine browser.

  • Google's Chrome Canary Browser to Include 10 Critical Features

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - Google's Chrome Canary Browser to Include 10 Critical Features
  • Improved Back-End Performance Should Boost Speed

    With each new version of Chrome, Google delivers better performance. And the latest Chrome Canary option is no different. The browser is notably faster when attempting to load Web pages, and Google says that speeds should only improve as it gets closer to official launch. Nice.
    2 - Improved Back-End Performance Should Boost Speed
  • Better Security Will Be Welcome

    As Chrome continues to gain in popularity, malicious hackers will increase their efforts to take it down. Realizing that, Google has bundled improved sandboxing and security controls in Chrome Canary with the hope of limiting outbreaks.
    3 - Better Security Will Be Welcome
  • Touch-Enabled Features

    One of the latest updates to Chrome Canary is the ability to control the browser with touch-enabled gestures. In other words, if people swipe from one end to the other, they can either go backward or forward in Web pages. It's possible that more touch features will be coming, but until then, these few such gestures are nice to have.
    4 - Touch-Enabled Features
  • Improved Privacy for All

    Although Chrome has always offered some nice privacy features, Chrome Canary offers a bit more functionality, thanks to enhanced control over what is recorded in history and what is not. There aren't many modifications to the privacy features in Chrome Canary, but given the recent rash of concerning news surrounding the National Security Agency, it's nice to see Google isn't taking a step back.
    5 - Improved Privacy for All
  • Enhanced Customization

    Customization has always been a hallmark of Chrome, but in the new version there are even more options. In addition to a couple of small visual changes to the test browser, Google is making it easier for developers to create applications that expand the platform's overall usability through the Chrome store. Look for developers to deliver all kinds of enhancements to Chrome.
    6 - Enhanced Customization
  • Full Mobile Support Is a Welcome Addition

    With Chrome Canary, Google is ensuring that the browser works across products, including PCs, smartphones and tablets. That's important. Today's users want to be able to have the same experience, no matter the device they're on. And in that way, Chrome Canary delivers.
    7 - Full Mobile Support Is a Welcome Addition
  • A Dedication to the Same Design

    When opening up Chrome Canary, users won't find much difference in the way it looks. That's actually a good thing. Chrome is designed to be simple and to put Web pages front and center. And luckily, Canary doesn't give up on that. It's nice to see.
    8 - A Dedication to the Same Design
  • Full Support for Multiple Users

    When looking through the settings in Chrome Canary, users will find that the browser supports multiple users. What that means is that different people in a single home who use the same computer can log into the browser with their own credentials and find their own history, bookmarks and more. That's a great feature.
    9 - Full Support for Multiple Users
  • Easy Access to Bookmarks and Settings

    Upon logging into an account, Google automatically populates the Chrome Canary install with bookmarks and settings. For folks moving to a new computer, that's an especially nice feature. After all, who really wants to add in bookmarks all over again?
    10 - Easy Access to Bookmarks and Settings
  • Multiplatform Support Out of the Box

    Luckily, Google isn't fooling around with Chrome Canary. The company has decided to make a version for Windows and Mac, and the platform will work on Android and iOS. There's no Linux support right now, but that should be coming at some point in the near future.
    11 - Multiplatform Support Out of the Box

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