IBM Showcases Cloud Marketplace, 'Composable Business' at Impact 2014

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At its IBM Impact 2014 conference, IBM launched its IBM Cloud Marketplace as way to deliver its portfolio of cloud services from both IBM and partners to the world at large. The new cloud marketplace provides a simple and easy experience for three key user groups within the enterprise: Developers, IT managers and business leaders can now learn about, try and buy software and services from IBM and its global partner ecosystem. With the new marketplace, IBM joins the ranks of cloud competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google, among others, that offer services via cloud computing. IBM has previously clearly stated its intent to become the leader in the cloud computing space, aiming squarely at AWS and its market-leading position. "The IBM Cloud Marketplace is really more than an app store; it's a place where you can get everything you need," said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Software & Cloud Solutions. In addition to introducing the concept of the "composable business" at IBM Impact, IBM also announced a host of new services for its BlueMix platform as a service (PaaS) as well as new Ready Apps and services for its MobileFirst platform. This slide show provides highlights from IBM Impact.

  • IBM Showcases Cloud Marketplace, 'Composable Business' at Impact 2014

    By Darryl K. Taft
    IBM Showcases Cloud Marketplace, 'Composable Business' at Impact 2014
  • Addressing Shifts in the Market

    As the world moves to more of a mobile-first, cloud-first entity, businesses need to constantly reinvent and innovate their processes by tapping big data.
    Addressing Shifts in the Market
  • Delving Into the Composable Business

    At Impact 2014, IBM shed more light on its "composable business" strategy. A "composable" business promotes reinvention and process innovation, improves decision making from actionable insights, and speeds time to market.
    Delving Into the Composable Business
  • How to Get to a Composable Business

    A composable business takes a mixture of cloud, mobile and big data.
    How to Get to a Composable Business
  • IBM's Robert LeBlanc

    Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Software & Cloud Solutions, talks about building a composable business.
    IBM's Robert LeBlanc
  • IT Leaders' Role

    In a composable business, IT leaders need to focus on the cloud.
    IT Leaders' Role
  • Developers' Role in Composable Businesses

    Developers need access to APIs as the API economy becomes a key element of this approach.
    Developers' Role in Composable Businesses
  • IBM Cloud Marketplace

    At IBM Impact 2014, IBM introduced its new Cloud Marketplace, which is more than an app store, claims LeBlanc.
    IBM Cloud Marketplace
  • Cloud Marketplace

    This image shows the face of the IBM Cloud Marketplace with biz, dev and ops services.
    Cloud Marketplace
  • IBM Cloud Marketplace Partners

    IBM has enlisted a number of partners to provide their services on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.
    IBM Cloud Marketplace Partners
  • New BlueMix Services

    IBM announced a series of new services for its BlueMix platform as a service (PaaS), including for the Internet of things.
    New BlueMix Services
  • IBM BlueMix Garage

    IBM announced a new effort to help startups easily build apps around the IBM BlueMix PaaS—the IBM BlueMix Garage. In conjunction with Galvanize, IBM opened the first BlueMix Garage in San Francisco to mentor entrepreneurs starting new tech businesses on the cloud.
    IBM BlueMix Garage
  • IBM's Marie Wieck

    Marie Wieck, IBM's general manager of MobileFirst, introduces new services and Ready Apps for MobileFirst.
    IBM's Marie Wieck
  • IBM MobileFirst Application Development

    The new MobileFirst app dev platform features enhancements to IBM's Worklight platform, BlueMix Mobile Cloud Services and the IBM-owned Cloudant database as a service (DBaaS).
    IBM MobileFirst Application Development
  • IBM Ready Apps

    IBM announced new industry-specific Ready Apps for its MobileFirst platform.
    IBM Ready Apps
  • IBM MobileFirst Studios

    IBM introduced new MobileFirst Studios consisting of experts, services and training to help mobile enterprises.
    IBM MobileFirst Studios
  • Developers and IBM Watson

    One thousand developers responded to the question of what they would do with IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology. This chart depicts their sentiment.
    Developers and IBM Watson
  • IBM's Mike Rhodin on Watson

    Mike Rhodin, senior vice president of IBM's Watson Group, talks about opportunities with Watson.
    IBM's Mike Rhodin on Watson
  • Watson Developer Cloud Enterprise

    IBM announced the Watson Developer Cloud Enterprise, which is an effort to provide enterprise developers with access to the Watson Developer Cloud.
    Watson Developer Cloud Enterprise
  • Developers Hold the Key

    IBM says developers hold the key to innovation, and Big Blue is doing all it can to empower developers with new tools for cloud and mobile development.
    Developers Hold the Key
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