Salesforce1, SuperPod Cloud Services Debut Amid DreamForce Show Glitz

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Most people are beginning to understand the coming Internet of things. eWEEK recently staged a popular eWEEKchat on the topic. Cisco Systems has its Internet of everything. Now Salesforce is positioning itself as the chief purveyor for the Internet of customers. "Look around at all the devices we are using on a daily and hourly basis," CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff said Nov. 19 during his opening keynote at the DreamForce 2013. "Not only are there millions, billions of connections behind all those devices, but behind each one of them is also a customer. It's up to businesses to create relationships with that customer." Salesforce has been espousing the idea of "customer companies" for a couple of years, and is now tying it in to the Internet of customers. Benioff had a few special guests onstage with him Nov. 19, including Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, actor Sean Penn, and Laurent Lamothe, the prime minister of Haiti. Benioff, Penn and Salesforce have a given great deal of support to the victims of the 2004 hurricane in the Caribbean island nation. Flip through scenes from DreamForce.

  • Salesforce1, SuperPod Cloud Services Debut Amid DreamForce Show Glitz

    by Chris Preimesberger
    1 - Salesforce1, SuperPod Cloud Services Debut Amid DreamForce Show Glitz
  • Highly Anticipated Event Each Year

    Because of the rapid ascent of cloud computing and the onslaught of more and more connected devices for consumers and for enterprises, Salesforce has become a pivotal player in new-gen business tools and services. DreamForce, held at Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, is the nerve center get-together of those customers, developers and corporate partners each year. It's not a big commute for Salesforce staff, by the way; the company's corporate office is literally a few blocks east on Market Street.
    2 - Highly Anticipated Event Each Year
  • 130,000 Registrants, and Most of Them On-Site

    DreamForce 2013 went all out for attendance, offering free keynote and show floor passes to anybody who wanted them. Paid registration was way up, too. Paid-up folks not only get access to the conference, but also will be able to see Green Day and Blondie in concert at AT&T Park and Tony Bennett later in the week.
    3 - 130,000 Registrants, and Most of Them On-Site
  • The Benevolent Mr. Benioff

    CEO, Chairman and co-founder Marc Benioff is always in his element at DreamForce, walking the floor and engaging with as many of the 12,000-plus attendees in the Moscone Center auditorium as he can.
    4 - The Benevolent Mr. Benioff
  • Canon's Connected N-1 Camera

    Benioff demonstrated Salesforce customer Canon's newest creation, the N-1 camera, which has a one-button connection to service professionals. If a user has a problem with anything, or wants to connect with the company for an added feature, or anything else, all he or she has to do is push the button Benioff is showing here. Salesforce supplies the CRM (customer resource management) connection.
    5 - Canon's Connected N-1 Camera
  • Poof! Tesla Suddenly on Stage

    Salesforce co-founder and CIO Parker Harris made a splashy entrance by driving in Benioff's white Tesla sedan and coming out of it dressed as Professor Brown from "Back to the Future."
    6 - Poof! Tesla Suddenly on Stage
  • Philips' Connected Toothbrush

    Salesforce partner and customer Philips demonstrated its latest contribution to the Internet of things (and the Internet of customers) by showing a connected toothbrush that reminds users to brush and serves as a health care monitor at the same time.
    7 - Philips' Connected Toothbrush
  • HP's Whitman Makes an Appearance

    CEO Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard joined Benioff on stage briefly to help introduce the new SuperPod, a co-op product of HP and Salesforce. Customers of who want their own dedicated infrastructure within the vendor's cloud will now be able to do it with this. The Salesforce Superpod will be based on HP's Converged Infrastructure hardware and jointly developed and marketed by and HP. They will be hosted in's data centers and cost customers extra money; pricing details weren't provided.
    8 - HP's Whitman Makes an Appearance
  • Salesforce1 Platform

    The biggest news of the show is certainly about the Salesforce1 app development platform. The Salesforce1 CRM development platform isn't so much a new product or service as is it a reassembly of existing products and services that also adds new functionality—mostly for mobile app development, eWEEK reported earlier this week.
    9 - Salesforce1 Platform
  • Blowing It Up at DreamForce

    This rather large blow-up canopy covers a large portion of Howard Street in between Moscone North and Moscone South. It covers most of an outdoor lounge area for conference attendees.
    10 - Blowing It Up at DreamForce
  • Back to the Future

    Huey Lewis and the News, a rock band big in the 1980s and 1990s, performed at 9 a.m. Nov. 19 to open the conference with "Back in Time" and "The Power of Love," two of its biggest hits.
    11 - Back to the Future

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