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The Evolution of CRM, SAAS and SLIDESHOW

| marked its 10th anniversary on March 16, 2009. This year also happens to be eWEEK's 25th anniversary. An anniversary is always a good time to look back and reflect, so eWEEK Editor Debra Donston has been going through the hundreds of back issues of our publication. It was interesting...

Rackable Taps Intel 'Nehalem' Chips for Cloud Offering

Rackable Systems is targeting cloud computing with a high-density server enclosure called the CloudRack C2 that will compete against the likes of the IBM iDataPlex as a solution for the types of dynamic data center some companies are beginning to build. In order to compete, Rackable is looking...

Sun Cloud Group CTO Talks Sun Cloud

Sun Cloud Group CTO, Lew Tucker sat down with eWEEK during the 2009 CommunityOne conference in New York to discuss Sun-

Why an IBM Acquisition of Sun Is Likely a Done Deal

When it comes to the rumored IBM acquisition of Sun Microsystems, all that remains is for the ink on the legalese to dry. That's what several eWEEK sources are telling us. The report was that IT infrastructure company IBM would acquire Sun for approximately $6.5 billion. It's a large number,...

eWEEK Labs Examines IBM, Sun Product Synergies, Overlap

Enterprise IT managers need to be thinking about the product impact of a possible IBM acquisition of Sun. eWEEK Labs takes a look at the areas of synergy--such as database and operating systems--as well as areas of overlap--such as development. In the end, IBM's services model may be the crux...

Sun Microsystems' Open Cloud Platform Is a Challenge to Microsoft, Google

Microsoft, Google and other companies have a new cloud competitor in Sun Microsystems, which announced its upcoming Sun Open Cloud Platform, a set of core technologies, APIs and protocols that Sun intends to proliferate through as many private and public clouds as possible in the coming years....

The Spammers Have Won, but We'll Survive

The tools have been here for years now to address the root of the spam problem, but we're not using them. It seems it's not compelling enough.

IBM Can Probably Sell Sun Better than Sun Can

Insiders virtually all agree: An IBM-Sun Microsystems merger might be very good for both companies and their investors. One of the key elements to this possibility is that IBM will have to market and sell Sun's IT infrastructure wares better than Sun can, and most eWEEK sources believe IBM...

Microsoft Rocks the Web at MIX09

Microsoft delivers a slew of new Web development and design technologies at its MIX09 show. As part of the company's push to enable a richer Web experience, Microsoft released Silverlight 3 beta and Expression Blend 3 Preview, and continued progress in the cloud with updates to the Azure Services...

Microsoft Windows Azure 22-Hour Outage Takes Down Weekend Users

Microsoft Windows Azure went down a 22-hour period between March 13 and 14, preventing users from utilizing the early test release's applications. Windows Azure is Microsoft's attempt at an enterprise-capable hosted applications platform, designed to compete against Google Apps and other software-as-a-service...

Mixed Reaction to Cisco Systems' Unified Computing System Strategy

UPDATED: Competitors claim Cisco will be locking out open systems choices by requiring its own Data Center Ethernet connectivity; others see the strategy as a bold new move toward the next-generation data center.

Cisco Systems Launches Long-Anticipated Unified Computing System

Generically called the "Cisco Unified Computing System," the initiative consists of a new data center architecture, a new server and a new set of management software and services based on Intel's powerful new quad-core Nehalem Xeon processors.

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