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Aptana Releases PHP Development Tool

Aptana releases Aptana PHP 1.0, its integrated development environment for PHP development. Aptana PHP extends the functionality of the company's Aptana Studio tools suite, which is an Eclipse-based IDE for AJAX and Web development.

eWEEK's Top 10 Storage Stories of 2008

eWEEK Senior Writer Chris Preimesberger ranks the top 10 storage stories of the year. Online backup, private cloud systems and vastly improved overall capacity for disks, flash memory, and even tape all make the list for 2008.

Data Storage 2008: It Was All About Capacity and the Cloud

Online backup, private cloud systems and vastly improved overall capacity for disks, flash memory and even tape proved to be the key storage news developments of the year. More upward spiraling for all of the above is expected for 2009; the only thing expected to decline is pricing.

Citrix Bullish on Cloud Computing, Desktop Virtualization in 2009

Citrix sees 2009 as the year that cloud computing and desktop virtualization will take off in a big way. To help create momentum for the cloud and client virtualization, Citrix Systems will offer its Delivery Center suite, which includes Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer and a new product called...

Business Objects Fleshes Out SAAS BI with More Support

Business Objects, the SAP-owned market leader in business intelligence enterprise applications, has added new content creation tools and a accelerator for customers delving into cloud computing. Business Objects sees an opportunity to serve as a gateway between on-premises and...

Can Sun Bring Back Its Lustre Through Cloud Computing?

Beleaguered Sun Microsystems appears confident going into 2009 that it can serve as Cloud Central for companies that want to venture into the vast Internet skies on their own. The company says that its new cloud computing office can coordinate software, hardware and services to put together...

Cloud Databases May Gain Ground in 2009

Database vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle began taking a long look at the cloud in 2008. Analysts expect more of the same in 2009, this time with vendors putting more database functionality into the cloud.

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Calls on InterCall to Fight Cisco WebEx

IBM rolls out Lotus Sametime Unyte 8.2 with the help of conferencing software giant InterCall. The move is designed to give IBM more equal footing with SAAS messaging and collaboration software products such as Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Office Live Meeting. IBM needs to offer a SAAS Web conferencing...

Top Database Stories of 2008

The big stories in the database arena in 2008 included cloud databases, the release of SQL Server 2008 and acquisitions, most notably Sun Microsystems' purchase of MySQL.

Google, Partner on Cloud Computing

| says its partnership with Google on cloud computing gives SMBs cost-effective IT options. Salesforce has previously teamed up with Facebook and Amazon, a sign of its dedication to the cloud., Google Let, App Engine Share Data

| and Google return to the integration grist mill. This time the SAAS enterprise applications vendor and search engine giant are enabling programmers to move data between the and Google App Engine cloud computing platforms. The scheme may not be a big moneymaker,...

Cloud-Service Provider RightScale Deposits $13 Million in VC Funding

RightScale's Web-based, cloud-computing management platform enables the use of its own scalable IT infrastructure on demand, while the user maintains complete control of the application itself. The online service enables IT managers to deploy an application in a matter of hours, without the...

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