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Cloud Constellation, SpaceChain Partner for Storage in Space

SpaceBelt’s data security as a service and SpaceChain’s blockchain-based satellite network soon to bring new infrastructure for cryptocurrency security, data storage.
Google Cloud Customer Complaint

Google Introduces Cost Forecast Feature for Cloud Billing

The new Feature allows administrators to get a quick idea of predicted Google Cloud usage costs for specified time periods.

OpenText's Next-Gen Data Management Suite Covers Microservices

Hybrid-cloud platform enables developer-ready microservices that allow users to develop intelligent and connected applications for numerous use cases.

IT Science Case Study: Providing Cloud Services to Rural America

SOLUTION ANALYSIS: How do high-performance cloud services get to the smaller cities and rural areas where a large percentage of U.S. business is done? Digital Realty provides answers in this use case.

Google Releases Open Source Tool to Containerize Java App Deployments

Jib ostensibly will make it much easier for organizations to deploy and control Java apps across use case deployments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Moves to Semi-Annual Update Schedule

Taking inspiration from Windows and Office, Microsoft's business software suite to receive twice-yearly feature updates.
Daily Video 709

Google to Implement Measures to Avoid Sudden Cloud Service Cutoffs VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google slammed for cutting off Cloud Platform customer without warning; Dell going public after 5 years as private company.

#eWEEKchat July 11: New Trends in New-Gen Security

| Updated
Yes, indeed, we're talking enterprise security once again. There's never a dull moment in this sector; Check Point will release its mid-year 2018 report July 12, and it will discuss cryptominers and crypto-related threats (among others). Join us for the July 11 #eWEEKchat.
Daily Tech Briefing July 6, 2018

EU Parliament Delays Vote on Copyright Law for Additional Debate VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: EU lawmakers vote to send a copyright law back to the drawing board, and HPE's SimpliVity 2600 hyperconverged system supports VDI and edge computing.

Microsoft Azure IoT Central Updates Provide More Device Visibility

The SaaS-based IoT deployment and management platform now allows users to view more device information and register "things" in bulk.
EU GDPR Enforcement

EU Lawmakers Vote to Send Copyright Law Back to Drawing Board

NEWS ANALYSIS: The European Parliament voted to send a copyright law that could have radically changed how the internet works back to the drawing board for more consideration.
HPE HCI 2600 Hyperconverged system

HPE SimpliVity 2600 Hyperconverged System Supports VDI, Edge Computing

The vendor’s highly dense SimpliVity 2600 infrastructure solution is aimed at space-constrained environments in the data center and the network edge.

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