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Maya Kaczorowski

Google Brings In Container Security Startups to Secure Kubernetes VIDEO

VIDEO: At KubeCon Europe, Maya Kaczorowski, product manager of security and privacy at Google, details a new effort that brings container security technologies to the Google Cloud.
Digital Transformation Path

Dell Practices What It Preaches About Digital Transformation

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell’s Merger With EMC in 2016 required the combined company to carry out its own digital transformation program to create a unified omni-channel customer experience with technology and expertise it now shares with clients.
Cambridge Analytica Shutting Down

Facebook Scandal Sends Cambridge Analytica Into Bankruptcy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cambridge Analytica has started legal proceedings in the U.S. and UK to shut down the company, but not before releasing a report stating that many media reports about the company’s operations were untrue and that it hadn’t done anything illegal.
Daily Tech Briefing May 2, 2018

Amazon Web Services Cloud Business Showing No Signs of Slowing Down VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Amazon Web Services' cloud business continues to grow, and Google rolls out Kubernetes Service Catalog and Cloud Service Broker.
Bassam Tabbara

Rook Cloud Storage Project Backer Upbound Raises $9M for Multi-Cloud VIDEO

VIDEO: At KubeCon and CloudNativeCon EU 2018, Bassam Tabbara, CEO of Upbound, discusses the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Rook cloud storage orchestration project and the multi-cloud future his company is hoping to enable.

CNCF Expands Multi-Cloud Efforts at KubeCon EU VIDEO

VIDEO: At KubeCon EU, Chris Aniszczyk, COO of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, details emerging efforts to help advance the multi-cloud world, including a new effort to define a standardized way to express serverless functions.

Zuckerberg Pokes Fun at Himself, Touts New Apps at F8

Facebook CEO introduces several new functions, including a dating app, one that allows a group to share watching videos in real time, and new ways natural language processing and artificial intelligence will be used in future apps.

IT Science Case Study: Scalable Storage for Law Enforcement Surveillance

Body-worn cameras, dash cam and static surveillance are causing video sprawl, exploding storage needs and its costs. Law enforcement agencies are being squeezed for more efficient storage.
extremist videos

Google Removed 8M YouTube Videos for Policy Violations in Q4 2017

Machine learning tools are helping to flag offensive videos at scale, Google says.
Brandon Philips Red Hat

Red Hat Launches Kubernetes Operator Framework Project VIDEO

VIDEO: At Kubecon EU, Brandon Philips, former CTO of CoreOS, details a new effort to enable developers to more easily build applications on top of Kubernetes.

Google Offers New GPU Option for HPC, Machine Learning Cloud Workloads

Nvidia's Tesla V100 Graphics Processing Unit will enable application performance improvements of up to 40 percent in certain configurations, according to Google.
NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite's SuiteCommerce Helps Open Online Stores in 30 Days

NetSuite claims its commerce as a service cloud package can help businesses launch an working online store in about a month's time.

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