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Unifi Adds RegAlert to Service Platform to Meet GDPR Requirements

Cloud service provides real-time monitoring of all data and alerts data stewards and compliance officers when data in use may be at risk. New GDPR regulations come into play next year.
cloud storage

Microsoft Unveils Cost-Cutting Archival Cloud Storage Option

The new service costs less than Azure Cool Blob, offering customers a lower-priced alternative to keeping archival data on the cloud.

Amazon to Get More Competition as Walmart, Google Link Up

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brick and mortar stores have had a hard time keeping up with Amazon, but now an alliance between the biggest may give the e-commerce giant a run for its money.
artificial intelligence

Microsoft's Project Brainwave Tackles Real-Time AI Workloads With FPGAs

The low-latency, high-throughput system uses field-programmable gate array chips from Intel to process AI workloads in real time.

How ioFABRIC's Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Data Fabric Eliminates DR

Thanks to built-in Swarm artificial intelligence, Vicinity 3.0 can automatically select the lowest-cost storage while ensuring that each application’s requirements are met and maintained.
cloud containers

Microsoft, Red Hat Want to Help Enterprises Embrace Containers in Cloud

The companies expand on their cloud partnership by working on Windows container support for Red Hat OpenShift.

Skytap Banks $45 Million VC to Move Legacy Apps to Cloud

Moving apps that work well for organizations in data centers but haven't been retrofitted to work in cloud deployments is a common inhibitor for an enterprise moving to a cloud-based environment.
Private cloud

What to Consider When Deciding if Private Cloud Is Right for Your Firm SLIDESHOW

Private clouds are attractive to enterprises for good reason. But they have some complex challenges. Here’s what to consider when deciding whether private cloud is right for your company.
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Microsoft, HashiCorp Push Terraform Deeper into the Azure Cloud

The companies pledge to add support for the Terraform infrastructure provisioning techology to more Azure cloud services.
Box Google Image Recognition

Box Taps Google's Cloud Vision Technology For Image Recognition

The Google Cloud Vision Integration will allow customers to better manage images uploaded to Box and to extract more value from them, according to Ben Kus, Box senior director of product management.
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Microsoft Launches Cloud Service for Event-Based Applications

The new Azure Event Grid service enables developers to build serverless applications that react to events triggered by IoT devices, mobile users and more.
LinkIn Chat Times

LinkedIn Messaging's Active Status Feature Shows When It's OK to Chat

The new Active Status feature on LinkedIn takes the mystery out of the finding an appropriate time to chat with fellow members.

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