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Predictions 2018: Why Blockchain is Ready to Break Out in the Enterprise

Blockchain is here and now, and it will continue to gain traction as it provides transparency to the supply chain–especially in complex supply chain industries, such as the automotive and retail industries.
Kubecon 2017

How the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Is Advancing Cloud Projects

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation announces project milestones and continued momentum, as organizations aim to benefit from the new model of building and deploying cloud native applications.

How VMware Now Supports Microservices Container Development

By using their existing software-defined data center, VMware users will now be able to run container-based applications alongside existing virtual machine-based workloads in production without having to build out a separate, specialized container infrastructure stack.

Gartner Says Enterprises Must Embrace Digital Transformation in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: Gartner executives speaking at its annual Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Conference say enterprises should start implementing digital transformation projects in 2018 or risk falling behind their competition.
terror content

Google Cites Progress in Stopping Spread of Terror Content Online

An initiative led by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft is exploring technology measures and knowledge sharing to remove extremist videos and online images more quickly.

Experts Reveal Predictions for Cloud Services in 2018

eWEEK has collected some cogent observations from industry experts about how the cloud will evolve in 2018. Here are 12 of them.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Expands Cloud Foundry and Container Services

A new version of Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now available alongside a preview of the Pivotal Container Service and a new serverless service.
Kata Containers

OpenStack Launches Kata Containers Project to Improve Security

The new effort brings Intel Clear Containers and the Hyper runV technologies together to provide a secure base for running containers in the cloud.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 4, 2017

AWS Puts Its Alexa Personal Assistant to Work in the Office VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: AWS gives Alexa a prominent new office job; 5G wireless development efforts are accelerating, an Intel exec says; WordPress 4.9.1 debuts with updates to harden security; and there's more.

AWS Unveils Slew of New Cloud Services at re:Invent 2017 SLIDESHOW

Machine learning and container tools were among the long list of new services Amazon Web Services announced and previewed at its re:Invent 2017 event.
AWS Cloud Security Best Practices

AWS CTO Defines Well-Architected Cloud Security Best Practices

At the AWS re:Invent conference, CTO Werner Vogels emphasizes the importance of security in all cloud development.
AWS Cloud Partnerships

AWS Seeks to Keep ISVs, Partners Happy With New Cloud Support Services

NEWS ANALYSIS: Amazon Web Services is supporting its growing army of ISVs and consulting partners with a multitude of new cloud services and market competency programs.

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