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Why Facebook's Instant Article Initiative Has Hit Snags in First Year

After a relatively short period of time, a number of publishers are dissatisfied with the payback from Facebook Instant Articles pages. In other words, the Instant Articles idea isn't producing instant income.
Google mobile search

Google Updates Image Search With New ‘Similar Items’ Feature

The feature is currently available only on Google search app for Android and mobile web. However, Google will release it on other platforms later this year.

eWEEKchat April 12: Why Behavioral Biometrics Is Key to New-Gen Security

Please join us April 12 for an eWEEKchat about behavioral biometrics and why they might be the key to stronger IT security at several different levels.

Microsoft Buys Kubernetes Specialist Deis for Its Container Expertise

The technology giant grows its cloud container ecosystem by snatching up the San Francisco company behind the Helm, Steward and Workflow projects.

Salesforce Celebrates 'Topping Off' of San Francisco Office Tower VIDEO

Salesforce will occupy 30 floors of the tallest building west of Chicago. Workers are expected to move in sometime in early 2018.
Microsoft Skype, translator

Skype Translator Now Works With Japanese for Video and Voice Calls

Microsoft trains its machine learning technology on Japanese, making it the tenth spoken language supported by the real-time translation service.
Fake News Campaigns

Google Introduces Fact Check Label on News Stories, Search Results

A new label will let users more easily identify articles that contain fact-checked content rather as opposed to unverified or even "fake news" reports posted on the internet.
cloud container box

Microsoft Azure Container Registry Manages Docker Images

Microsoft is joining Google and Amazon Web Services in offering a registry for Docker container images as an additional service for Azure Cloud customers.
Fake Search Listings

Google Claims Progress Reducing Fake Business Listings on Maps, Search

Google says it is making progress in eliminating fake business listings on Google maps and Search, but claims that less the 0.5 percent of search results lead to phony listings.
Daily Video 406

Android Passes Windows as Most Used Operating System on Internet VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Android overtakes Windows as top operating system on the internet; IBM report details 2017 tax scams as IRS filing deadline nears; Oracle, Fujitsu roll out pair of high-end SPARC servers; and there's more.
Cloud connection

Seven Reasons Why Interconnection Is Better Than the Public Internet SLIDESHOW

When comparing interconnection to the public internet, interconnection is the overwhelming winner in areas such as performance, security and cost.

Mist Launches Enterprise IoT Asset Visibility Service

The new service enables companies in almost every vertical to efficiently locate mobile devices and assets using standard BLE technology.

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