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EU GDPR Enforcement

Google Launches New Website To Help Explain Its GDPR Controls

The site consolidates information on the measures Google has taken to ensure its services are compliant with the European Union data privacy regulations.

Amazon Web Services Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

NEWS ANALYSIS: AWS is now a member of the open-source effort that is building Kubernetes, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Amazon will launch its own Kubernetes service.
Google Diversity Issue

Fired Google Engineer Clearly Knows Little About Women in Technology

NEWS ANALYSIS: A Google engineer’s assertion that women aren’t suited for jobs in the technology industry because of biological differences is contrary to the evidence, aside from being patently offensive.
Google Diversity

Google Engineer's 'Manifesto' Fuels Gender Discrimination Controversy

A Google engineer has circulated what the authored described as a "manifesto" that asserts in part that perceived discrimination against women at the company was the outcome of biological differences.
Azure IoT Connections

Microsoft Expands Azure IoT's Reach With Particle, Electric Imp Links

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub now connects to the Particle and Electric Imp IoT connectivity platforms.
LibreOffice 540

LibreOffice 5.4 Open-Source Office Suite Enhances User Experience SLIDESHOW

An incremental set of improvements to the office suite's integrated apps include the ability to add a watermark to a document and more easily protect spreadsheet cells.

Conduent Patents Facial Expression Recognition IP for Multiple Industries

New technology considers the eyes as the proverbial 'windows to the soul,' as some people have described the way the eyes can be read to determine a person’s frame of mind.
Azure Logins

Microsoft Previews New Sign-in Experience for Azure Active Directory

Soon, the Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Account will look and feel very similar, a change Microsoft says will make logins go more smoothly.

Machine Learning Tools Help Google Weed Out Terror Content on YouTube

More than 75 percent of terror-related videos removed from YouTube last month were identified by machine learning tools without any human action.

Dell EMC Mozy Cloud Backup Now Supports KMIP Integration

By supporting Key Management Interoperability Protocol in its security arsenal, Mozy offers a fourth data encryption method.
search engine

Google Search Console Provides More Tools to Find Website Problems

The Search Console's purpose is to give website administrators ways to quickly identify and fix site issues that could affect ranking in Google search results.

Tech Deal: Genpact Acquires OnSource for Insurance Claims SaaS

Deal brings advanced digital inspection technologies to claims management services.

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