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OneLogin Improves Access Flow in its Security Platform

Company said it has has completely re-architected its user authentication flow into a modular and extensible service.

How to Build a Secure Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

How can IT managers sufficiently prepare and monitor their environments to ensure the shift to a hybrid cloud be as clean and efficient as possible so that organizations can take advantage of the on-premise assets and unlimited cloud scalability?
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Expands Its Azure Advisor Recommendations Feature

With the additions, Azure users will be able to get improved recommendations to better manage and optimize their Azure cloud deployments.

Carbon Black: Product Overview and Analysis

As a cybersecurity innovator, Carbon Black has pioneered multiple endpoint security categories, including application control, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and next-generation antivirus (NGAV).
Cisco Duo Security

Cisco Expands Identity Services With $2.35B Duo Security Acquisition

Identity has become the cornerstone for enabling the multicloud world, which is why Cisco is bolstering its portfolio with Duo Security.
New Azure Cloud Zones

Managed Istio Service Mesh Now Available on Google Cloud Platform

The Istio open source technology helps developers connect and manage microservices in distributed cloud environments.

HPI Puts Intel's Optane Chipset to Work in New Retail POS Devices

These new machines will be able to handle natively all sorts of mobile payment apps, such as Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, a number of separate banking apps, and others.
Terror on Social Media

Why Hijacked Search Results Makes Social Media Riskier for Business

NEWS ANALYSIS: As investigators ranging from Facebook to the Senate Intelligence Committee look into Russian efforts to use the internet to influence U.S. public opinion, social media is revealed as an ideological battleground with significant risk for business.

Sapho Software: Product Overview and Analysis

Sapho Employee Experience Portal delivers a continuous user experience across enterprise applications, personalizes tasks and surfaces information when users need it most, and simplifies workflows that can be completed from any device, intranet or messenger.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Adds Management Groups to Azure, New Modules to Ansible 2.6

Microsoft cloud users are gaining features to better organize and govern their Azure subscriptions, while Ansible gains Azure enhancements.

Five Security Defenses Every Containerized Application Needs

Containers are increasingly being used by companies to deliver and deploy applications in the cloud. Here are five steps that companies can take to secure containers before they are deployed.

Google Offers Transparent Service Level Indicators for Cloud Customers

The new metrics give organizations a way to monitor how their workloads are interacting with Google's cloud services.

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