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Comtrade HYCU for Nutanix Adds New Application, Hypervisor Support

Platform adds VMware vSphere support, ROBO backup from DR target and simplifies backup and recovery for Nutanix environments.
Net Neutrality Action

Pending FCC Action on Net Neutrality Raises Unfounded Fears, Warnings

NEWS ANALYSIS: Depending on who you listen to, a Federal Communications Commission decision to end the reclassification of the internet under Title II regulations might or might not be the end of the world.

CloudPassage Automates Security, Compliance for Docker Containers

Container Secure is the only solution currently on the market that secures all three parts of container environments: container images, running containers and the container engine/host.

StorONE Launches TRU Storage to Run on Any Media

Early adopters program for New York startup includes free on-site hardware of up to one petabyte.
McAfee Skyhigh

McAfee Extends Cloud Security With Skyhigh Networks Acquisition

In its first acquisition since being spun-out from Intel, McAfee picks up Cloud Access Security Broker startup to help boost cloud security offerings.

Why Object Storage Can Be Optimal for AI, Machine Learning Workloads

Here is why AI and ML applications demand the data management capabilities supplied by enterprise object storage solutions.

Uber Ignored Legal Requirements, Paid Hush Money to Hackers

NEWS ANALYSIS: The breach itself was bad enough, but it’s been compounded by the fact that Uber attempted to hide the event from customers and regulators. In fact, Reuters is reporting the company paid the hackers $100,000 in hush money to erase the data they took.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Cloud Rolls Out Red Carpet for VMware Workloads

The soon-to-be released Azure Migrate service will guide VMware users on how to quickly and cost-effectively move their workloads to Microsoft's cloud.
Dome9 Magellan

Dome9 Unveils Magellan for Context-Aware Cloud Security

Dome9 makes use of Amazon cloud serverless technologies including Kinesis and Athena to deliver a security capability to help detect advanced cloud threats.

Google Downplays Report On Android Location Data Collection

Company says data was collected as part of a heartbeat function to maintain connectivity but never actually used.

How FCC Plans to Reverse Title II Action in December

NEWS ANALYSIS: The FCC’s plans regarding net neutrality, set to be revealed in detail on Nov. 22, aren’t going to end net neutrality. What the FCC is planning to do is reverse the 2014 decision that placed the internet under Title II of the Communications Act.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft, Box Partner on Cloud Content Management and Collaboration

The latest collaboration brings Box's content management capabilities to Microsoft's cloud productivity and collaboration ecosystem.

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