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Rovius Cloud

Accelerite Expands CloudStack With Rovius for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Former Citrix CloudPlatform technology gets updated to provide a hybrid cloud with Kubernetes, that can use public cloud capacity.
Election hacks

FEC, Lawmakers Propose Disclosure Rules for Political Web Ad Sources

NEWS ANALYSIS: New rules proposed by Democratic lawmakers and new action by the Federal Election Commission would place disclosure requirements on online political advertising similar to those already in place for TV ads.
YouTube Advertising Tools

Google Introduces News Tools for YouTube Video Advertisers

The new tools are designed to help businesses deliver more personalized ads and measure effectiveness, company says.

Microsoft Debuts Azure Availability Zones to Reduce Outage Risk

Azure Availability Zones add fault tolerance and high availability for business-critical cloud applications that can't fail.

Facebook Drops Plan for New Stock Type to Benefit Zuckerberg

Stockholders claimed the proposed non-voting stock shares, insulated from those sold on the public market, would have weakened stockholders' power irreparably within the company.
Microsoft, Facebook Atlantic Cable

Microsoft Facebook Complete Undersea Cable Link Between U.S., Spain

The high-speed cross-Atlantic link will help Microsoft and Facebook reach more users in Southern Europe and points beyond.

London Transportation Authority Votes to Kick Out Uber

The ride-hailing service's London-area permit expires Sept. 30. The reason for the denial, TFL said, was that Uber has shown "a lack of corporate responsibility."

How Cisco is Modernizing Management of Its UCS Franchise

Cisco spiffs up control with new cloud-based Intersight dashboard, putting systems management as-a-service on the map.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 21, 2017

Ellison Claims Simplified Cloud Pricing Gives Oracle an Edge Over AWS VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Oracle aims to overtake AWS with simplified cloud services pricing; Cloudflare and Google collaborate on app developer incentives; Salesforce updates Sales Cloud with Einstein AI forecasting; and there's more.

Manifold Connects Developers with Services Across Any Cloud

Startup enables developers to find, buy, and manage their favorite services—everything from email to data logging—without being locked into a single cloud.

DigitalOcean Launches Object Storage for Developer Cloud

Spaces is designed for hosting web assets, acting as the origin for content delivery networks and storing user-generated content, such as images and large media files.

Newcomer Qumulo Launches ‘Universal-Scale’ File Storage System

QF2 is new-generation file storage system that creates a single file domain spanning both the data center and the cloud.

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