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Cloud connection

Seven Reasons Why Interconnection Is Better Than the Public Internet SLIDESHOW

When comparing interconnection to the public internet, interconnection is the overwhelming winner in areas such as performance, security and cost.

Mist Launches Enterprise IoT Asset Visibility Service

The new service enables companies in almost every vertical to efficiently locate mobile devices and assets using standard BLE technology.

Google Updates Kubernetes Cloud Container Management Capabilities

The release of Google's Container Optimized OS and Kubernetes 1.6 are intended to make it easier for enterprises to run container workloads on the company’s cloud platform.

IBM Unleashes Latest Nvidia GPU Accelerator for Cloud Deployment

This powerful GPU--born and raised in the video-game world--runs in tandem with the central processing unit (CPU) in a server to boost performance to high-performance levels.
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Security, Data Governance Tools

Microsoft's Office 365 Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Governance security products are now generally available.

Clarizen Upgrades Its Cloud-based Collaboration Toolset

Clarizen's collaborative work management provides a full-fledged project planning and execution package that improves productivity levels so that project leaders and their teams can get their work done on time.
Daily Briefing 405

Google Using Machine Learning to Solve YouTube Ad Placement Problems VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google applies machine learning to fix YouTube ad placement problems; Microsoft to shut down CodePlex development repository; Businesses keep clinging to Windows 7 and XP; and there's more.
Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi Web Browser Gains Yet More New Features SLIDESHOW

Vivaldi continues to rapidly update its web browser, this time adding an enhanced history view for web browsing, among other new capabilities.
Cloud Project Management

Microsoft Greatly Expands Capacity of Cloud-Based Project Online

Microsoft has massively increased the number of projects this cloud service can manage for its enterprise customers.
Daily Video 404

Azure Web Application Firewall Blocks Cyber-Threats on Microsoft Cloud VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft thwarts cyber-attacks with Azure Web application firewall; Microsoft offers early Windows 10 Creators Update installation option; VMware patches security vulnerabilities first disclosed at Pwn2Own; and there's more.
Salesforce Einstein High Velocity Cloud

Salesforce Broadens Einstein’s AI Reach With High Velocity Sales Cloud

Salespeople can now access Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence features across the core CRM platform.

DigitalOcean Releases Free-of-Charge Cloud Server Monitor

The monitor measures the performance of each droplet's CPU (central processing unit), its memory, disk utilization, disk reads and writes, network traffic and top processes.

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