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Daily Tech Briefing June 1

British Airways Investigating Cause of Massive IT Outage VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: British Airways says the cause of a massive IT outage remains a mystery; Uber fires its top self-driving car exec over trade secrets snafu; a Chipotle breach exposes continued point-of-sale cyber-security risks; and there's more.
CoreOS Tectonic

CoreOS Advances Tectonic Container Platform to Open Cloud Services

The Kubernetes-based container management and orchestration platform vendor moves forward with a new release and improved security.

Elastic Launches New Multi-Purpose Development Cloud

Elastic Cloud Enterprise enables enterprises to centralize the management, monitoring and provisioning of multiple Elastic Stack clusters and deploy X-Pack features, such as security, alerting, monitoring, graph, reporting and machine learning.

StreamSets Banks $20 Million in VC Funding to Control Dataflow Chaos

Company’s data operations platform serves likes an air-traffic control system across cloud, batch and streaming data architectures.
Open Source Video Codecs

Open Source Codecs Pave Way for High-Resolution Streaming Video

NEWS ANALYSIS: Developers companies including Google and Netflix are creating open source compression algorithms and codecs to enable the latest high resolution streaming video.
IT Systems Crash

British Airways Says Cause of Massive IT Outage Remains a Mystery

NEWS ANALYSIS: Airline suffered an outage that took all of its data systems offline in what appears to be a massive failure of redundancy, but for now, the airline says it doesn't know why it happened.

Uber Fires Top Self-Driving Car Exec Over Trade Secrets Snafu

Waymo, a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet, figured something was amiss in January 2016, when Anthony Levandowski secretly downloaded 14,000 pages of documents, quit his job and went out the door with them.

Google for Jobs Takes Aim at Job Seekers, Work Search Challenges SLIDESHOW

With Google for Jobs the cloud services giant is going to put its formidable search engine prowess to work helping people find available positions at the skill and compensation levels they are looking for.

Forcepoint Fights Shadow IT with Cybersecurity Analytics Functions

Human-centric cloud security solution for web, email and cloud-access security brokers provides reporting and context to address biggest risks--internal and external.

Logicworks Expands Functionality of Cloud Automation Platform for AWS

Expanded functionality in DevOps platform runs and automates applications directly in Amazon Web Services.

Intrinsic ID Unveils Bold New Authentication Security for IoT Devices

SPARTAN Cloud is the first security product that enables secure connections to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud based on Transport Layer Security (TLS).
google and ads

Google Gives Marketers New Way to Measure Ad Performance

The Google Ads Data Hub will give advertiser better insight into how users are interacting with their web ads across mobile and other devices.

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