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Welltok Takes IBM Watson to Dinner

Posted : 2015-07-21

Welltok, which uses IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology for health care apps, teamed with Healthy Dining on a nutrition and menu app. Read More >


IBM's Watson Services Power the Cognitive Computing Era

Posted : 2015-07-17

Since IBM opened Watson to the world via the Watson Developer Cloud, tens of thousands of enterprising tech enthusiasts have begun creating apps that are powering the cognitive computing era. IBM has made several new cognitive services commercially... Read More >


IBM Takes Watson to the Middle East, North Africa

Posted : 2015-07-14

IBM is teaming up with regional development company Mubadala to bring its Watson cognitive computing technology to the Middle East and North Africa. Read More >


Big Data Market Expected to Grow Rapidly Through 2019

Posted : 2015-07-14

The Ovum report indicates that the overall market for information management software is expanding at a significant CAGR of 11 percent. Read More >


Eight Factors to Consider for Database Capacity Planning

Posted : 2015-07-13

Read data in, write data out. In its purest form, this is what computers accomplish. Building a high-performance data processing system requires accounting for how much data must move, where it must move and the computational tasks needed.... Read More >

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