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Oracle Moves a Step Closer to Winning IP Copyright Case

Posted : 2014-08-14

A judge specifies that Rimini Street installed unlicensed copies of Oracle PeopleSoft on its systems, violating copyrights. Read More >


Intel Big Data Platform Used for Parkinson's Research

Posted : 2014-08-13

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are developing a cloud-based big data analytics platform that will leverage wearable devices to collect data. Read More >


Splunk Delivers App for Stream to Analyze Wire Data

Posted : 2014-08-12

The new Splunk App for Stream helps enterprises capture and analyze streaming wire data in real-time. Read More >


How Smarter Infrastructure Moves Transportation Industry Ahead

Posted : 2014-08-11

Globalization, travel and the distribution of goods and services to every corner of the planet require smarter, faster and more efficient transportation. From business trips and family vacations to the shipment of a product from one place to the... Read More >


Lavastorm Adds Features for Hadoop and MongoDB Users

Posted : 2014-08-11

For MongoDB users, their business analysts will be able to extract data from MongoDB using Lavastorm’s visual controls. Read More >

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