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IBM, Bear Naked Deliver Watson-Based Customized Granola

Posted : 2016-04-19

Bear Naked is using IBM's Chef Watson "cognitive cooking" technology to enable consumers to create customized granola. Read More >


Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud's Time Has ComeĀ 

Posted : 2016-04-15

While CRM software and applications like payroll and expense reporting have moved steadily toward the cloud, business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics have been slower to follow the lead. But as the cloud becomes more mainstream, all signs... Read More >


Dell Targets 'Citizen Data Scientist' With Statistica 13.1

Posted : 2016-04-14

The latest version of the software includes making it easier for nontechnical business-line employees to run analytics initiatives. Read More >


DataStax Launches Scalable Real-Time Enterprise Graph Database

Posted : 2016-04-13

The DataStax Enterprise Graph scalable, real-time graph database powers cloud apps that manage complex and highly connected data. Read More >


IBM Partners With American Cancer Society on Watson Cancer Advisor

Posted : 2016-04-12

IBM and the American Cancer Society are working on a virtual cancer health advisor to provide personalized guidance to cancer patients. Read More >

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