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Databricks Secures Apache Spark, Launches Community Edition

Posted : 2016-06-08

At the Spark Summit, Databricks announced a new enterprise security framework for Apache Spark and made its data platform generally available. Read More >


Splice Machine Moving Its Database to Open Source

Posted : 2016-06-07

Splice Machine is seeking contributors, mentors and sponsors to help support its move to take its dual-engine RDBMS open source. Read More >


IBM Launches Apache Spark-Based Data Science Experience

Posted : 2016-06-06

Aimed at making the cloud more data-friendly, IBM's new Data Science Experience is a native Apache Spark platform for data scientists and developers. Read More >


IBM Joins R Consortium to Advance the R Programming Language

Posted : 2016-06-06

In a move to advance data science in the enterprise, IBM has joined the R Consortium to better support the R programming language. Read More >


IBM, Cisco Team Up to Deliver IoT Analytics at the Network Edge

Posted : 2016-06-02

IBM and Cisco join forces to empower users to draw instant insights from their Internet of things devices at the edge of the network. Read More >

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