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Microsoft Bolsters Performance of SQL Server Database on Linux

Posted : 2016-12-19

The new SQL Server preview for Linux includes a bump in T-SQL module performance and expanded Linux OS support. Read More >


Oracle Q2 Earnings Mixed, co-CEO Joins Trump Transition Team

Posted : 2016-12-15

Safra Catz will remain on the job at Oracle while performing unspecified tasks for the Trump transition team. Read More >


Realm Unveils Freemium Mobile DB, Image Recognition via IBM

Posted : 2016-12-12

Realm Scanner is a new open source mobile demo application built together with the IBM Cloud and Mobile team that uses Watson image recognition. Read More >


10 Things to Know About IBM’s Blockchain Ecosystem

Posted : 2016-12-08

IBM is working to get enterprises to adopt blockchain database technology that the company says will bring innovative, new ways to manage data. Blockchain is, at its simplest, a digital ledger. More specifically, blockchain is a distributed database... Read More >


Microsoft Previews SQL Server With Linux Support

Posted : 2016-11-17

The company is commercializing a version of its SQL Server database software that supports Linux, and now early adopters can finally take it for a spin. Read More >

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