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IBM, Mapbox Add Geospatial Analytics to Watson, Cognos

Posted : 2016-08-11

IBM and Mapbox have teamed up to bring geospatial analytics to the Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics platforms. Read More >


5 Technologies You Need to Build an IoT Application

Posted : 2016-08-03

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming businesses by making them data driven. In IoT, devices communicate with each other and send data across many types of networks both inside a company's infrastructure and in the cloud. The device data is... Read More >


LinkedIn Open-Sources Rocket Data, LayoutKit and More

Posted : 2016-07-22

LinkedIn has open-sourced a series of key infrastructure technologies, including its Rocket Data caching system. Read More >


Macy's Taps IBM, Satisfi for In-Store Shopping Companion

Posted : 2016-07-21

Macy's has introduced 'Macy's On Call,' a new in-store shopping companion fueled by IBM's cognitive computing technology, in 10 stores nationwide. Read More >


10 BI Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Analytics Projects

Posted : 2016-07-21

A business intelligence implementation can be difficult for a company of any size. Not only are there new tools to learn, but there are new processes to put in place and new strategies to consider. The ultimate goal, of course, is to gain greater... Read More >

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