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IBM Aims Watson at Embodied Cognition

Posted : 2016-11-05

Q&A: IBM is focusing its Watson cognitive computing technology on the area of embodied cognition, according to Grady Booch, chief scientist of Watson/M. Read More >


5 Data Management Horror Stories to Avoid

Posted : 2016-10-31

Developing a data strategy for the digital age can seem terrifying. Oozing streams of data, haunting ghosts of outdated tools, the stupefying fear of making a million-dollar mistake. This Halloween season, or strategizing season, don’t let big... Read More >


IBM Hosted a Big Party for Watson With its CEO as the Star

Posted : 2016-10-28

NEWS ANALYSIS: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty keynoted the company's World of Watson conference in Las Vegas and drove home that Watson is the AI platform for business. Read More >


IBM Broadens Watson Adoption With Education Apps, Bots

Posted : 2016-10-25

IBM has introduced Watson into the online education market in a deal with Pearson, while others are using Watson Virtual Agent to streamline business operations. Read More >


IBM, Quest Diagnostics Launch Watson for Genomics Service

Posted : 2016-10-18

IBM Watson Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered to deliver IBM Watson Genomics, the first commercial offering from Watson for Genomics. Read More >

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