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Deep Engine Brings Enterprise-Level Performance to MySQL Databases

Posted : 2015-04-24

Deep Information Sciences has launched Deep Engine, a plug-and-play storage engine that brings scale and performance to MySQL databases, without the need for recoding or redeploying applications that use MySQL as a data source. What's more, Deep... Read More >


Microsoft Halts SQL Server 2014 SP1 Downloads

Posted : 2015-04-16

A bug surfaces soon after the release of SQL Server 2014's first service pack, forcing Microsoft to temporarily disable downloads of the update. Read More >


Microsoft: Time Is Running Out for SQL Server 2005

Posted : 2015-04-15

Mark your calendars. Like Windows XP, and soon Windows Server 2003, Microsoft is sounding the alarm on SQL Server 2005's impending support sunset. Read More >


IBM Launches New IoT Software, Services, Ecosystem

Posted : 2015-04-09

IBM announced a slew of new software and services to help foster an ecosystem around its recently announced Internet of Things (IoT) play. Read More >


Deep Engine Supercharges MySQL for Big Data, High Performance

Posted : 2015-04-07

REVIEW: Deep Information Sciences brings intelligent heuristics and machine learning algorithms to MySQL implementations to improve the database's performance. Read More >

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