Hortonworks Acquires Onyara, Launches DataFlow Product

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2015-08-25 Print this article Print
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Moreover, while many of today's systems are custom-built, loosely secured, difficult to manage and not integrated, Hortonworks DataFlow powered by Apache NiFi will simplify and accelerate the flow of data in motion into HDP for full fidelity analytics. Combined with HDP, these complementary offerings will give customers a holistic set of secure solutions to manage and find value in the increasing volume of streaming IoAT data, Hortonworks said.

"Simply put, dataflow is the next generation of big data analysis—and could entirely disrupt the now-decade-old Hadoop ecosystem," said Apurva Dave, vice president of marketing at Jut, which provides an operations data hub unifying and correlating logs, metrics and events for DevOps, developer and IT operations. "Dataflow deals with streaming data—like Internet of things and real-time usage information—as well as data at rest. This technology is an effort for Hortonworks to make data more useful for their base of users and their respective businesses. Hortonworks will be competing both with dataflow cloud services, such as Google, as well as pure-play dataflow technologies like Jut."

Witt argues that the new Hortonworks solution stands alone. "The new Hortonworks DataFlow powered by Apache NiFi is unique in the market today," he said. "There really isn't one solution that can address IoT data streams at scale, securely, with governance and bidirectional intelligence. IoAT gets really complex due to sheer volume of data, and manageability is tough. Through the combined use of Hortonworks Data Platform and Hortonworks DataFlow, data at rest as well as real-time data in motion can now be blended to provide historical and perishable insights for predictive analytics."

Released through a National Security Agency (NSA) technology transfer program in the fall of 2014, Apache NiFi then entered into incubation at ASF and became an Apache Top-Level Project. Over the past eight years, Onyara's engineers were the key contributors to the U.S. government software project that evolved into Apache NiFi.

Witt worked at the NSA, and the rest of the team came from the defense industry and have worked closely together for several years. "Back in 2006, I created the software and then with support from very talented developers and senior leadership we were able to drive the technology further to solve unique problems seen at NSA," he said.  The technical co-founders of Onyara are all committers to the Apache NiFi project and remain active within the growing community.

"Nearly a decade ago, when IoAT began to emerge, we saw an opportunity to harness the massive new data types from people, places and things, and deliver it to businesses in a uniquely secure and simple way," Witt said in a statement. "We look forward to joining the Hortonworks team and continuing to work with the Apache community to advance NiFi."

Alexandar Ryabov, senior director of data engineering at Wargaming.Net, said, "NiFi addresses dataflow challenges we have right now and provides upside for where we're heading. It is also a big win for us that it is designed for the global enterprise."

Added Mike Bishop, chief systems architect at Prescient Edge: "NiFi's well designed, mature API has made our integration process remarkably straightforward. With it, we're able to track the origin, transformation, and persistence of data throughout our analytic processes."


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