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By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2013-10-31 Print this article Print

The HP Digital Marketing Hub serves as a centralized data processing engine that can combine information from all of these multiple systems, both in house and from a vibrant ecosystem of third-party systems.

At its core, it's an analytics platform that helps marketers increase customer conversions and loyalty by understanding the customer's behavior in real time—answering not just what is happening across digital channels, but why it is happening—basically building that context that is missing from many of the current Web reporting solutions today. What are the best performing segments and how can marketers use that information to make their campaigns more targeted and effective? The HP Digital Marketing Hub delivers those insights.

How do the different HP technologies work together?

One of the benefits of working in a company like HP is the ability to tap into innovations across different groups to pull together something cohesive and groundbreaking. So what you see with the HP Digital Marketing Hub is a real cross-HP solution, leveraging technology innovations from HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, HP Labs and HP Converged Cloud. It's a great example of HP's big data strategy, called HAVEn, at work. HAVEn stands for Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security and 'n' number of applications, and in this case, we are tapping into HP's innovation in big data through the HP HAVEn platform and adding in science from HP Labs for analytics, all delivered on HP Converged Cloud.

Specifically, HP Autonomy technology is able to understand the massive volume of unstructured data that pours in at a great velocity from Web clickstream data, social media streams, plus the content of emails, call center recordings and video. HP Vertica provides analysis of structured data. We've also injected a high degree of science and technology from HP Labs, which lets us take all the data processed and understood by HP Autonomy and HP Vertica, and pinpoint behaviors to actually predict actions. We provide access to the Hub via HP Converged Cloud.

How does this compare to the other digital marketing analytics solutions available in the market?

The HP Digital Marketing Hub is really differentiated along three levels:

  • Analytics—we've taken a unique approach that allows businesses to bring together and analyze all forms of data: structured, unstructured and everything in between.
  • An open approach, not a proprietary one—not one-size-fits all. This helps increase the value of your marketing technology investments. Initial ecosystem partners include BlueKai, Digital River, ExactTarget, Experian Marketing Services, hybris Software, Kenshoo, Marketo and Rio SEO. Initial agency and consulting partners include Covario, Critical Mass, Deloitte Digital, Realise and Sapient.
  • Link to actions and content delivery. We can help marketers deliver the right content asset at the right time on the right channel to the right audience, for maximum results.
The digital marketing space is very fragmented, and there are a lot of stand-alone black box solutions out there. But we have learned that you can't force a company into one platform, nor can you ask them to rip out what they are already using, so we have worked with several ISVs and digital marketing agencies on co-development and integration programs for the HP Digital Marketing Hub. This allows customers to preserve their investments in marketing applications, while at the same time leveraging the Hub's powerful, real-time data processing engine.



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