IBM Launches New Software, Services, Ecosystem

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2015-04-09 Print this article Print
Internet of Things

IBM said its eight new IoT consulting services provide users with an on-ramp to get started with IoT and navigate through key aspects in implementing IoT solutions with asset management. The consulting services are based on the capabilities within the Bluemix IoT Zone and are modular to provide clients with the flexibility to select the specific areas where they require assistance.

IBM’s new IoT consulting services are as follows:

·         IBM IoT On-Ramp Navigator to help companies discover opportunities within their business for an IoT strategy.

·         IBM IoT Art of the Possible POC to help design and implement a data simulation solution for potential enterprise projects.

·         IBM IoT Device Security Plan Navigator to design and implement a security solution for their devices.

·         IBM IoT Device Implementation Services to design and implement a solution to securely integrate their devices with IBM’s IoT Foundation.

·         IBM IoT Visualization Services to design and implement a visualization dashboard to view the condition of users’ monitored assets and critical devices within the enterprise.

·         IBM IoT Analytics Services to design and implement an IoT Analytics to understand what is happening within their device-monitored enterprise.

·         IBM IoT Notification Automation Services to design and implement automated notification via e-mail, SMS and phone based on business rules set for their incoming device data.

·         IBM IoT Asset Integration Services to design and implement a solution that brings their device and asset data together to automatically generate work orders against monitored assets when business rules determine that critical thresholds have been exceeded.

In addition, IBM is delivering the IBM IoT Ecosystem, a new collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI) to develop a secure, cloud-hosted provisioning and lifecycle management service for IoT devices.

IBM and TI are collaborating to develop IBM's secure, cloud-hosted provisioning and lifecycle management service for IoT devices. Through its collaboration with TI, IBM will create a Secure Registry Service that will provide trust and authentication practices and protocol across the value chain – from silicon embedded in devices and products to businesses and homes.

The IBM Cloud-hosted service will work with a silicon token from which a device can have its identity more securely managed. The collaboration will target the processes involved in provisioning, activating, registering, de-registering and eventually retiring IoT assets. “Cloud connectivity and cloud services are fundamental to the IoT, but there are barriers to adoption especially for industrial applications such as manufacturing, building automation and energy management,” said Avner Goren, general manager of strategic marketing for Embedded Processing at Texas Instruments, in a statement. “By working with IBM to help secure device identity, provisioning and lifecycle management, we have created a foundation for IoT adoption to reach its full potential through better managed services across easy-to-use connectivity solutions."

IBM and TI plan to make the provisioning life cycle management service available to all cloud service providers and all silicon vendors. IBM and TI will make the APIs public and available for use by other IoT cloud service providers and other silicon vendors.



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