Intel Teams with Cloudera on Hadoop for Big Data - Page 2

In addition, Intel will integrate what it's done in its own Hadoop distribution into Cloudera's platform after the release of v3.1 at the end of this month, and the two vendors will jointly work on a migration plan to move those Intel Hadoop customers onto the Cloudera solution.

Big data is becoming a growing focus for businesses and vendors as the amount of data being generated continues to increase. That growth will only continue to skyrocket as the numbers of sources of data—from mobile devices to sensors to Internet-connected systems—rapidly rises, in part due to the growing IoT. In a keynote at Oracle's Industry Connect conference March 25 in Boston, Oracle President Mark Hurd noted that in 2012, there were 9 billion connected devices, and that by 2020, that number will reach 50 billion. In addition, Hurd said there has been a 90 percent growth in data over the last two years, and that it will grow 50 times by 2020.

The challenge for businesses is being able to pull out the useful data, and then leveraging that data to make good and fast businesses decisions.

"Most of the data that's being created will be … absolutely worthless," Hurd said. "But there will be pearls."

In his video statement, Intel's Krzanich said industries from health care to financial services to the sciences are being inundated by data that is being pulled from multiple sources and assembled and analyzed.

"All this research is being done in a much more complex and faster realm than before using big data solutions," he said.

The partnership with Intel will give Cloudera a platform on which to offer the software maker's solutions, according to Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly.

"Hadoop has changed the entire conversation around data," Reilly said in a statement. "Based on our ability to store, process and analyze all kinds of data, increasingly in new ways, the potential for advances in business, social and economic environments are vast. … Intel's vision for delivering open, performance optimized solutions for big data is synergistic to our vision to help companies accelerate time to achieving success."