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"Is it valuable to get material like that as opposed to firing up a query against a relational source?" he said. "It certainly is, if youre not going against a relational source, and Web services are not those. Well see many more Web services published in relation to that."

In comparison with other EII players, Ipedos differentiator is that its dual-core engine seems equally at ease with XML or SQL. Thats a comfort youll get with a large EII platform player such as IBM, Selip said, but not something youll see with "pure-plays" such as MetaMatrix Inc., which is more oriented toward XML.

But if youre already an IBM shop and want to plug in IBMs Information Integrator technology, you have to ride the curve of integrating WebSphere, Selip said, which is a complex beast to tame.

Ipedos ploy is to access Web services easily and to allow queries against them, Selip said.

If you partition the market regarding XML or SQL dominance, Ipedo comes out as fairly evenhanded, Selip says, which is a good stance to take, competitively speaking.

"In the short term, when organizations look at pure-plays, they want to know how quickly they can process standard SQL queries," he said. "Out of the box, people arent super-interested in the XML side of things."

In the long term, organizations will likely look at EII vendors not so much for the raw speed of query entry, as everybody will get good returns on that, Selip said.

Rather, theyll look to see what partnerships and technology tie-ins a given player such as Ipedo has set up, asking questions like, "Can you buy pre-built industry views," he said. "The longest-term view theyll take is, How does this play into [Service-Oriented Architectures]? Which is when theyll look at XQuery and that sort of capability.

"Is there a place for pure play? Yes, there is. But Id want one with both capabilities, XML and SQL."

XBRL-BI is shipping now. Its components are priced separately and are available from the three vendors, although an Ipedo spokesperson said that a subscription to Edgar Online is available free to Business Objects customers.


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