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IBM Joins R Consortium to Advance the R Programming Language

In a move to advance data science in the enterprise, IBM has joined the R Consortium to better support the R programming language.
Internet of Things

IBM, Cisco Team Up to Deliver IoT Analytics at the Network Edge

IBM and Cisco join forces to empower users to draw instant insights from their Internet of things devices at the edge of the network.

Fired Whistleblower Sues, Claims Oracle Cooked Cloud Books

The financial manager accuses upper management of pushing her to "fit square data into round holes" to make Oracle Cloud Services' results look better.
SQL Server

Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2016 for Hybrid Cloud Databases

The wait's over. Microsoft's cloud-enabled, analytics-friendly database is now generally available.
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Datameer 6 Delivers New UI, Spark Support

Datameer 6 provides a new user experience for iterative analytics and a re-architected, future-proof back end supporting Apache Spark.
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10 Best Practices for Managing Modern Data in Motion SLIDESHOW

Before big data and fast data, the challenge of data in motion was simple: move fields from fairly static databases to an appropriate home in a data warehouse, or move data between databases and apps in a standardized fashion. The process resembled a factory assembly line. In today's world,...

Hitachi's New IoT Unit Launches Smart Cities Service

Hitachi Insight Group unveils City Data Exchange for making public and private data more easily accessible to city leaders, businesses and residents.
IBM Watson

IBM Updates Watson Analytics With New UI, Features

At its Vision 2016 conference, IBM announced a newly redesigned interface and new features for its Watson Analytics solution.
IBM Watson

IBM Taps Top Universities to Train Watson on Cyber-Security

IBM Security announced Watson for Cyber Security, a new cloud-based version of Watson, and enlisted eight universities to help train it.
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Neo4j 3.0 Moves Graph Databases Closer to Mainstream

Neo Technology's latest release of its graph database, Neo4j 3.0, delivers new scalability and developer-friendly features.
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Qualcomm SDK to Bring Deep Learning to Mobile Devices VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm is bringing deep learning to mobile devices; Microsoft: SQL Server 2016 gets a June 1 release date; HTC will reportedly build the next 2 Nexus Android smartphones; and there's more.

Oracle Expands Cloud Services With Acquisition of Textura

Oracle is looking more and more like Salesforce every day. This is a direction the company needs to follow as its hardware sales continue to slip.

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