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Code School Study Shows How to Spot a Future Programmer

Posted : 2015-09-30

A recent Code School survey offers information on traits in youth that may indicate a future in computer science. Read More >


Microsoft Introduces U-SQL Query Language

Posted : 2015-09-30

In delivering new services to its Azure Data Lake, Microsoft debuted a new query language known as U-SQL. Read More >


Citizen Developers Gain Power, Effect Change

Posted : 2015-09-29

According to a recent Intuit survey, citizen developers are gaining power and beginning to push digital transformation within the enterprise. Read More >


HashiCorp Unveils Otto Open-Source App Delivery Tool

Posted : 2015-09-28

In addition to Otto, HashiCorp launched Nomad, an open-source scheduler for deployment and resource maximization. Read More >


FLIR Encourages Developers to Put Thermal Imaging to Creative Use

Posted : 2015-09-22

FLIR Systems' thermal, measurement and imaging technology is used for everything from airborne and ground-based surveillance to research and development, search and rescue, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring,... Read More >

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