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Microsoft Intros Visual Studio Code, Bevy of New Tools

Posted : 2015-04-30

Microsoft outdoes itself at this year's Build developer conference, introducing a new cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor and more. Read More >


Microsoft Targets All Developers With Windows 10

Posted : 2015-04-29

Microsoft eases the way for all developers to get their apps into the Windows Store with new tooling for Web, iOS, Android, .NET and Win32. Read More >


Google's Jsonnet Language Generates JSON

Posted : 2015-04-22

Google has produced a new data templating language called Jsonnet, a portmanteau of JSON and sonnet, that generates JSON. Read More >


Microsoft Pulls Open-Source Unit Back Into the Fold

Posted : 2015-04-18

Microsoft announced it is dissolving its MS Open Tech open-source unit, claiming the company has met its goals and is on the right track. Read More >


App Security Worries CISOs, but Most Fail to Adopt Secure Development

Posted : 2015-04-16

A survey on security workforce trends finds that security professionals' top worry are bugs in applications, but that concern is not translating into secure development practices. Read More >

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