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npm Raises $8M in Series A Funding, Launches Private Modules

Posted : 2015-04-14

npm Inc. raised $8 million in series A funding and introduced a new Private Modules feature that allows for sharing and re-using private code. Read More >


SmartBear Eases Continuous Delivery With New Jenkins Plug-in

Posted : 2015-04-08

SmartBear delivered a new TestComplete plug-in for the open-source Jenkins continuous integration tool. Read More >


Black Duck Launches Open-Source Security Solution

Posted : 2015-04-07

Black Duck's new Black Duck Hub open source security solution helps development teams check the security of open source in their code bases. Read More >


IBM, NASA Challenge Developers to Build Apps on IBM Cloud

Posted : 2015-04-07

IBM and NASA are teaming to sponsor the NASA Space App Challenge, a code-a-thon for developers to build space-related apps on IBM's Bluemix PaaS. Read More >


.NET Foundation Names New Executive Director

Posted : 2015-04-06

The .NET Foundation, which is tasked with overseeing the open-sourcing of .NET, has named a new executive director. Read More >

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