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Google Launches 'Low Code' Development Tool That Works With G Suite

Posted : 2016-12-01

Google App Maker will enable developers to quickly build applications that readily integrate with G Suite applications such as Gmail, Docs and Drive, the company says. Read More >


9 Ways Citizen Developers are Changing the Software Landscape

Posted : 2016-12-01

We've been moving toward this for more than 15 years: The rise of citizen development of software apps. This is the creation—or ideation, if you will—of business applications and application features by the employees who use them.... Read More >


Google to Award 10,000 Android Developer Scholarships for EU Residents

Posted : 2016-11-28

Google will work with global media giant Bertelsmann and e-learning company Udacity to administer the scholarship program to train Android developers in Europe. Read More >


Google, Samsung Back Microsoft's .NET Development Framework

Posted : 2016-11-17

Microsoft's not done causing a stir in open-source software community. The company's .NET Foundation rolls out the welcome mat for Google and Samsung. Read More >


Microsoft Finally Confirms Rumors Visual Studio Coming to macOS

Posted : 2016-11-16

The rumors were true. Microsoft's developer toolkit, based on the its acquisition of Xamarin, finally arrives on the Mac. Read More >

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