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Yahoo Delivers Tumblr In-App Sharing, Native Video Ads

Posted : 2015-08-26

At its Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference, Yahoo made additions to its dev tools suite, including Tumblr in-app sharing and native video ads. Read More >


Facebook Open-Sources Hack Codegen

Posted : 2015-08-20

Facebook has open-sourced its library for automatically generating Hack code. Hack is a more scalable version of PHP, developed at Facebook. Read More >


Micro Focus Updates COBOL for Visual Studio 2015

Posted : 2015-08-20

Micro Focus announced it has updated its COBOL solution for Visual Studio 2015 while another developer has built a bridge from COBOL to Node.js. Read More >


Google Go 1.5 Revs Garbage Collection, More

Posted : 2015-08-19

Google released version 1.5 of its Go programming language, which provides accelerated garbage collection and a rewrite of components from C++ to Go. Read More >


AnyPresence Enhances MBaaS for Developer Productivity

Posted : 2015-08-19

AnyPresence takes its mobile backend as a service to a new level with the latest release. Read More >

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