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AMD Launches Project to Ease HPC Development on GPUs

Posted : 2015-11-18

The vendor's "Boltzmann Initiative" includes new compilers for C++ and CUDA, which will enable developers to port their software to AMD's platform. Read More >


Microsoft Unveils Tools for Android, Azure, iOS, Linux, Office, Windows

Posted : 2015-11-18

At its annual Connect(); developer event, Microsoft introduced new tools and services for a variety of platforms, from Windows to iOS and Android. Read More >


Xamarin 4 Launches, Covers the Mobile Development Life Cycle

Posted : 2015-11-18

Xamarin delivers Xamarin 4, the latest version of its enterprise mobility platform that addresses the entire mobile app dev life cycle. Read More >


Sencha Launches Visual Studio Plug-In, Joins Ecosystem

Posted : 2015-11-17

Sencha delivered an early access preview of its new Visual Studio plug-in and also joined Microsoft's Visual Studio ecosystem at a top level. Read More >


Windows 10 Developer Adoption Soars to 1.3M+: Survey

Posted : 2015-11-17

A recent Evans Data survey shows that developer adoption of Windows 10 has grown more that 645 percent in the last six months. Read More >

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