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Oracle Dropping Java Browser Plug-In in JDK 9

Posted : 2016-01-29

Citing security and market forces as primary factors, Oracle said it will drop support for the Java browser plug-in in JDK 9. Read More >


Progress Software Supports Angular 2 in Telerik DevCraft

Posted : 2016-01-22

The latest version of Progress Software's Telerik DevCraft tool provides UI support for the Angular 2 JavaScript framework. Read More >


Microsoft Move to Agility Hastens Bing's Deployment Cadence

Posted : 2016-01-21

Microsoft's move to Continuous Delivery helped Bing deployments speed up from monthly to daily and scaled the Bing team from 100 engineers to 600. Read More >


Google Pitches Its Dataflow Technology to Apache Software Foundation

Posted : 2016-01-21

Google wants the Apache Software Foundation to take on its Dataflow data processing technology as an incubation project. Read More >


NodeSource Tweaks Platform to Run, Monitor Node.js Apps at Scale

Posted : 2016-01-20

With N|Solid version 1.2, NodeSource provides enhanced visibility into Node.js apps running at scale, as well as developer productivity. Read More >

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