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Stack Overflow Survey Goes Far Beyond JavaScript Popularity

Posted : 2016-07-12

Stack Overflow released the raw data from its 2016 developer study issued in March to enable data geeks, employers and others to further analyze it. Read More >


Chef Unveils New Unified DevOps Flagship, Chef Automate

Posted : 2016-07-12

New platform provides a shared workflow pipeline for continuous application deployment, combining Chef Delivery and Chef Compliance. Read More >


A Look at Today's Developer Job Market, Programming Tool Trends

Posted : 2016-07-12

In survey results released earlier this year, Stack Overflow, the popular question-and-answer community site for developers, found that JavaScript is the most popular programming language. More than 50,000 developers—56,033 to be... Read More >


Startup SiFive Aims for Open-Source Chips

Posted : 2016-07-11

The company was founded by inventors of the open RISC-V architecture, which was created to enable developers to more easily create custom SoCs. Read More >


Scrum Creators Deliver New Version of The Scrum Guide

Posted : 2016-07-06

Based on community input, Scrum co-creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland updated The Scrum Guide to include the Scrum values. Read More >

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