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New MIT Debugger Checks for Integer Overflows

Posted : 2015-03-24

MIT's Directed Integer Overflow Detection (DIODE) debugger automatically finds integer overflows, which can potentially allow hacker attacks. Read More >


Google Cloud Dataflow Now Available on Apache Flink

Posted : 2015-03-23

Developers get one more platform for running Dataflow pipelines. They can now run their programs on the Apache Flink distributed processing engine. Read More >


Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Developer Tools Preview

Posted : 2015-03-23

Microsoft releases an initial preview of its tooling for developing universal apps on Windows 10. Read More >


DARPA Project Uses Big Data to Find, Fix Software Security Flaws

Posted : 2015-03-22

Academic and industry researchers are applying machine learning techniques to find security flaws in terabytes of software code. Read More >


IBM Study Shows Mobile App Developers Neglecting Security

Posted : 2015-03-21

A joint study with IBM and the Ponemon Institute highlights lax security practices amongst enterprises. Read More >

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