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Intel, Dell Ramp Up IoT Standards Competition With New Group

Posted : 2014-07-08

Both the OIC and AllSeen are working on standards to improve communication between connected devices, but risk fragmentation in the process. Read More >


InterSystems' Zen Mojo Eases Enterprise Web App Development

Posted : 2014-07-08

InterSystems' new Zen Mojo technology leverages JSON to simplify development of Web-based enterprise apps for mobile and desktop platforms. Read More >


Spark Labs Raises $4.9 Million for IoT OS Development

Posted : 2014-07-08

The startup has created a development kit for building connected devices and an operating system to link them. Read More >


How Software Developers Use Social Collaboration in the Agile Age

Posted : 2014-07-07

The push toward more Agile, open-source development has driven developers to cooperate more by using social media tools and collaborative environments. Read More >


Kinect for Windows v2 Arrives July 15 for $200

Posted : 2014-07-07

Microsoft's updated Kinect sensor, which is already shipping with the Xbox One, will be available for Windows users in mid-July. Read More >

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