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Wearables App Development is a Headache: Kony

Posted : 2016-09-13

Wearables present unique challenges to application developers and designers, according to a new survey from Kony. Read More >


CA, Project44, Aruba Focus on API Management

Posted : 2016-09-12

CA Technologies announced new capabilities for its API management portfolio of software, including visualization and Docker support. Read More >


Google Releases Cloud Tools for PowerShell

Posted : 2016-09-12

The latest move builds on an effort by the company to help .NET developers manage their resources on Google's cloud. Read More >


Azul's New Zing Release Brings Cassandra, Spark Performance Boost

Posted : 2016-09-07

Azul Systems delivered a new version of its Zing JVM, which improves performance of Apache Cassandra, DataStax and Apache Spark apps. Read More >


Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty for .NET Core, ASP.NET Core

Posted : 2016-09-02

Microsoft announced a bug bounty program for developers to find bugs in its .NET Core and ASP.NET Core runtime and web stack. Read More >

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