Compuware Brings the Mainframe Further Into the DevOps Fold

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2016-10-03 Print this article Print
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Meanwhile, Compuware also announced the acquisition of the assets associated with Itegrations' source code management (SCM) migration practice and methodology. This acquisition will enable Compuware customers to more easily migrate their SCM systems to ISPW.

"To succeed in the digital economy, large enterprises must move their mainframe application development to an Agile model—and we believe SCM is at the heart of this transformation," said François Dansereau, founder and CEO of Itegrations, in a statement. "As the market leader in Agile mainframe solutions, Compuware is optimally positioned to deliver mainframe SCM migration capabilities where they can have the biggest positive impact for the most customers."

"Every enterprise with a mainframe needs to remove the toxic bottlenecks and inflexibility inherent to waterfall development by migrating their mainframe applications to an Agile-friendly SCM as quickly as possible," said Compuware's O'Malley. "By acquiring Itegrations' SCM migration practice and refocusing that practice on Agile-enabling our growing customer base, Compuware is uniquely and powerfully enabling large enterprises to stay competitive in digital markets where the need for speed and quality continues to intensify relentlessly."

In yet another announcement, Compuware and Software Engineering of America (SEA) announced the release of SEA's JCLplus+ Remote Plug-In and $AVRS Plug-In for Compuware's Topaz Workbench. These new plug-ins for Topaz simplify Job Control language (JCL) related tasks. JCL is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem. As more mainframe developers and operators move out of the workforce, younger workers may be less acquainted the tools for the IBM mainframe environment.

Compuware said SEA's JCLplus+ Remote Plug-In for Topaz Workbench enables mainframe veterans and novices alike to write error-free JCL scripts.

"As Baby Boomers gray out of the IT workforce, enterprises must protect their incalculable investments in mainframe applications and data by simplifying and automating core mainframe ownership tasks," said Jatin ThakkerSEA's COO, in a statement.

O'Malley noted that, "Complexity, esoteric tooling, and excessive dependency on tribal knowledge are all obstacles to mainstreaming the mainframe that enterprises absolutely must achieve without delay."

Finally, Compuware announced the integration of its Abend-AID application fault discovery and analysis solution with Syncsort Ironstream. Ironstream is an operational intelligence solution that collects z/OS log data from mainframe systems and forwards it to analytic tools such as Splunk.

O'Malley said the integration of these two solutions gives enterprises the ability to more quickly discover and act upon correlations between application faults or abends and other conditions in the mainframe environment.

"Central to the notion of DevOps is elimination of the silos that have historically separated application teams from ops teams," he said. "By feeding Abend-AID data into Ironstream's broader mix of operational data, we are eliminating another instance of that counterproductive siloing."

The integration of Abend-AID and Ironstream gives enterprise IT staff greater visibility and insight into software and service delivery, the companies said.

"Mainframes generate a massive volume of useful but overwhelming data that enterprise IT organizations often fail to fully leverage," said David Hodgson, general manager of Syncsort's mainframe business, in a statement. "By comprehensively gathering that data and forwarding it to a sophisticated analytic engine, these IT organizations can do a better job of discovering anomalies and trends that can threaten the availability and performance of critical internal and customer-facing services that leverage the mainframe."


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