IBM DevOps Efforts Strengthened at Innovate 2013

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2013-06-03 Print this article Print

IBM also announced new IBM Worklight and IBM SmartCloud Application Services. Delivered as a new, no cost trial, this technology enables developers to build applications and deploy into IBM SmartCloud using IBM Worklight technology. Businesses will be able to build mobile applications quickly while avoiding capital purchases and management costs at the outset of the project. Once the application has been developed, delivery through the IBM SmartCloud has also been simplified, giving businesses the opportunity to get their application in the hands of clients quickly

Moreover, improving the development process for cloud applications is critical as organizations seek to transform their business through higher-value opportunities such as big data, analytics and social business, IBM said.

IBM is delivering a group of new offerings designed to help companies improve the development and testing phases of the lifecycle, including IBM SmartCloud Analytics–Log Analysis. IBM continues to add analytics capabilities to its cloud portfolio. Newest of these, Log Analysis, gives developers the ability to gain insights from the terabytes of unstructured data that is produced by infrastructure and applications. By bringing the power of automated analysis to IT asset logs, organizations can now gain the actionable insights a human expert might deliver given unlimited time—faster and more consistently.

The new IBM SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight solution helps businesses monitor the real-time performance and availability of applications hosted on a cloud. The ability to embed monitoring capabilities during the development process, makes it easier for companies to understand how an application is being used once it has been deployed.

And with the newly expanded IBM SmartCloud Application Services, developers can use SmartCloud Application services to deploy and manage applications written in the PHP language using Zend Server 6. PHP is a popular general-scripting language that is designed for Web development. Support for PHP provides organizations with greater choice and flexibility in development options and makes it easier for developers to create cloud-native applications, IBM said.

"Software is the invisible thread driving transformations in businesses of all industries and sizes," Kloeckner said in a statement. "As organizations and the dynamic markets in which they conduct business become more complex, it is critical that they adopt a DevOps approach to continuously deliver software-driven innovations to their clients."

In addition, as part of ongoing efforts to support the global development community, IBM today also unveiled an expansion of developerWorks. New sites within the developerWorks network include mobile, cloud, big data, WebSphere application development and the new developerWorks Labs. DeveloperWorks Labs provides developers early access to the latest emerging technologies, products and open standards for mobile and cloud development.

In addition, Kloeckner said that recently, OASIS announced that the IBM-led Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) community would become part of the standards organization. OSLC is an open technology that simplifies and integrates the creation and management of software such as cloud, mobile or big data applications. The process of creating any software—whether it is an online banking application or the software running the engine of an airplane—requires a set of software development tools. Traditionally, these tools have been based on proprietary technology and are difficult to integrate or mix and match. Because OSLC is an open standard process of communicating across disparate tools, it solves a decades-old problem enabling businesses to mix and match their tools with confidence.



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