Microsoft TechEd 2013: Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013 Bust Out

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2013-06-03 Print this article Print

However, Microsoft in the 2013 release is announcing a new cloud load test service. The company has had a load testing product since 2005. It does a pretty good job and is part of Visual Studio Ultimate, Harry said.

"But one of the blockers for people doing load testing is the requirement to go set up the hardware to simulate 100,000 users on your app," Harry said. "That's a significant impediment. So one of our announcements is a preview of a Windows Azure-based load test service where you'll be able to use Visual Studio Ultimate to write a load test, point it at our cloud load test service and say, 'Go,' and it will run your load test. If you want to simulate 50,000 users, it will simulate 50,000 users against your Web application.

"We think this is particularly compelling for Azure applications where you want to test large elasticity. … One of the many reasons people want to go to the cloud is the ability to scale their apps up and down easily."

That feature will be demonstrated at TechEd, but users will not be able to use it until Build because it's going to require a new client. Users will have to get an updated Visual Studio client that can do load testing against the new service, and the preview of the client will be available at Build.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is adding new collaboration capabilities to its core development technology. Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio have fundamentally been about collaboration. Now Microsoft is introducing a new feature in TFS 2013 that is at its heart a core collaboration feature. It's called the Team Room.

The Team Room is a persistent record of what is going on in the team, Harry said. "So if you're familiar with the concept of an activity feed, it's a little bit like an activity feed. It is this nice running list of, 'Joe made a check-in, and here is his check-in comment,'" he said. "Or a build just failed and this is the reason for that failure. Sally just requested a code review, and you can click and go do the code review.

"It's a running record of all the activities that are happening on your team. But even more than that, it's an active running record so you can drill into things but you can also comment on them," he said. "So you can use it like a chat room. You can have conversations between various members on the team. You can say, 'Hey, I'm trying to figure out how to do X. Does anybody know?' It's a super-quick interactive chat experience that's integrated with all the activity that's happening with your team. It's a durable record, so you can scroll through the Team Room to see what happened."

The Team Room is a core collaboration space for the development team to communicate with each other in a way that is in the context of all the activity that is happening within the team. That will be demonstrated at TechEd and made available in the TFS 2013 preview that Microsoft will make available at the Build conference.



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