Mobilize.Net Migration Tool Brings Legacy .NET Apps to Mobile, Cloud

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2014-04-05 Print this article Print

Reiterating the process, Shewchuk said, "We've now taken an app from VB6 through WinForms, now we're projecting it out into the cloud, running logic up on the server, and then projecting it out on the client. And there's some really cool things you get to do once you can project this thing out as HTML5."

Taking it from there, Guggenheimer showed how that same app could be easily moved to the phone. "So now we're taking that old VB6 app and taking advantage of the CSS work and the rest of what's been done," he said. "We can now run this not beautifully but well on this phone. So we've gone a long, long way from that application to this phone in basically a short amount of time, didn't take much at all to do this."

Since WebMAP2 generates code that is fully native to the target platform, customers have no dependency on third-party runtime libraries, reducing long-term cost and risk, and further "future proofing" the application. In this release, WebMAP2 includes mappings to convert Visual Basic 6.0 and C# .NET WinForms code to HTML5 and JavaScript. WebMAP2 also provides an easy-to-use GUI that allows direct side-by-side comparison of code before and after the transformation, a common developer request.

"It's pretty incredible to be able to use CSS and these transformations to create a touch-friendly version of that app with very, very little touch on the part of the developer," Shewchuk said of the demo.

Shewchuk added in a statement: "Today we are not only showing the future, but by working with Mobilize.Net we're also helping you get there. The MVVM architecture generated by WebMAP2 is flexible, scalable and ready for cloud and mobile.  WebMAP2 is one of the best ways we know of to move VB6 and .NET apps to mobile and cloud."

Mobilize.Net officials said building a robust, high-performing, modern Web application from traditional client-server code is complex and many developers assume they have to start from scratch. However, since the only definition of many business processes is application source code itself, starting from scratch comes at a steep price.

"WebMAP2 helps you avoid devastating disruptions to business by automatically preserving good, debugged, business logic," Mobilize.Net's Button said. "WebMAP2 gives developers a huge jumpstart on that re-architecture with enormous savings in time, cost, and risk, compared to a full rewrite. This means developers can spend their time creating new features and functionality for the business rather than re-inventing the wheel on a new platform."

Mobilize.Net is now accepting applications for its WebMAP2 beta program. Interested customers can apply at www.Mobilize.Net/BUILD.


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