Oracle Festivities Big on New Java 8 Language Strengths

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New client Java features and enhancements are also available as part of the latest JavaFX release within JDK 8. These include an embedded specific graphics stack, new UI controls, a Modena theme, functionality to enable developers to embed Swing content into JavaFX applications, new 3D graphics features and additional HTML5 support.

Backward compatibility of Java SE 8 with previous versions of the platform preserves the skill sets of current Java software developers and helps to protect Java technology investments.

Developers interested in getting started immediately with the Java SE 8 release can download the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 8.0, which will allow them to take advantage of the latest Java features, as well as enhanced support for HTML5.

Moreover, the Eclipse team has been working on Java SE 8 support for almost two years and is on schedule to have an update release coinciding with the Java SE 8 launch as a feature patch for the current Kepler SR2. The team has announced that Eclipse will also include support for Java SE 8 in the upcoming "Luna" release scheduled for June 2014.

As Reinhold stated, Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 provides a development platform for embedded devices and the Internet of things that includes the flexibility, portability and features of Java SE 8. A complete list of the new features and capabilities of Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 is available here.

Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 allows developers to leverage the three new Compact Profiles in Java SE 8, which are predefined subsets of the full Java SE 8 API specification and allow for creation of smaller platforms for embedded devices. With this release, Java SE can now be deployed on embedded devices using as little as 10MB of static footprint and 16MB of RAM, two to three times smaller than Oracle Java SE Embedded 7.

Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 is available for many configurations, including Linux on ARM, x86 and PPC, and is optimized for popular community boards such as the Raspberry Pi, as well as commercial systems-on-chip (SoC), such as the Freescale i.MX 6 Series. Java SE Embedded tools are also available to create customized, space-optimized JREs for embedded platforms.

Java is an ideal platform for intelligent devices and an optimal foundation for developers to build new services for the IoT.

The new Java ME 8 is a major update to the existing Java ME platform, incorporating a large set of updated and new features, including Java language and API alignment with Java SE 8, support for modern Web protocols, a comprehensive application model, advanced security features, and standard APIs for power management and interaction with a broad set of standard peripherals.

The significant enhancements in Java ME 8 are designed to deliver faster application performance, which is especially important on less powerful devices. With this release, Java ME and Java SE are converging, enabling a more consistent developer experience and more code reuse across the platforms.

The new Java language enhancements in Java ME 8 leverage recent Java SE features to allow developers to write cleaner, more efficient code that can be deployed across both platforms, and the new embedded-specific capabilities of Java ME 8 can help to further shorten and simplify development cycles.

Oracle Java ME Embedded 8 will be the Oracle implementation of the Java ME 8 standard. Oracle Java ME Embedded 8 Early Access 2 is now available as a binary runtime for Qualcomm 6270T (ARM9) Development Platform, Raspberry Pi (ARM11) and ST Microelectronics STM32F4DISCOVERY (ARM Cortex-M4). Java ME SDK 8 Early Access 2 is now available to support development of Java ME 8 Early Access-based applications on an emulation runtime for Windows 7, as well supported hardware platforms.

"The release of Java SE 8 demonstrates the innovation driven by the ongoing collaboration between IBM, Oracle and other members of the Java community in OpenJDK," said John Duimovich, Distinguished Engineer at IBM, in a statement. "Java SE 8 provides enterprise customers with significant gains in productivity, scalability and maintainability, and further demonstrates that they can continue to rely on Java to grow their business."

Perhaps Jim Gough, associate leader of the London Java Community, sums it up best. "I think the best thing about Java 8 is the fact it's going to be a revolutionary release; it's the first release that's really incorporated community," he said.


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