10 Ways to Hire Top-Notch DevOps Engineers

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2014-09-18

Great hiring is the foundation of a strong DevOps culture. Automation, tooling and cheap access to computing resources have greatly empowered individual engineers on the operations and software development sides of the tech industry. Never before have businesses been able to accomplish so much with so few individual contributors, said James Kenigsberg, chief technology officer for 2U Inc. This empowerment comes with an even greater responsibility to create a quality workplace for quality engineers, and that begins with hiring. With everyone operating on the bleeding edges of tech trends and collaborating more closely, one person can make the difference between a high-functioning team contributing great work in complete alignment with the business' goals, and a hamstrung mismatch of inefficient and ineffective teammates. Making the extra effort to hire great engineers who appreciate the implications of the DevOps movement will give organizations the competitive advantage where the rubber meets the road in the technology industry.


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