SmartBear Launches TestLeft Developer Focused Test Automation Tool

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2016-04-05 Print this article Print
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Meanwhile, the user interface is what is visible to someone when they try to use an application for the first time, Kaul said. "The focus on the UI is important in order to ensure the user has the desired experience when interacting and accessing the application. Making certain the UI of an application responds in a functionally correct manner however can be challenging," he said. "The UI often consists of third party controls as well as dynamic controls like HTML5 and AngularJS. As a result, even the smallest of changes in the UI can cause automated tests created at the UI level to break, resulting in a lot of maintenance overhead. TestLeft tries to solve this problem in multiple ways.

TestLeft allows developers to explore and examine an application under test (AUT) including their controls and UI elements with a built-in spy, Kaul said. As a result, developers can get out of the box direct access to native properties and methods of an object. This allows them to find accurate and unique identifiers for different objects on the user interface, thereby ensuring tests don’t break with the changes in the AUT.

In addition, TestLeft also comes with an access to extensive and feature-rich libraries for .NET and other third party components, Kaul told eWEEK. He said it is ideal for performing different checks across a wide variety of UI elements such as buttons, dialogs, pop ups etc., without having to spend time writing custom methods manually. Built-in classes and methods that come with TestLeft can be used for performing different actions on any of the identified controls.

The TestLeft tool embeds into standard development IDEs such as Microsoft's Visual Studio, which helps minimize context switching and enables developers to create test cases in their favorite IDEs. The product comes with visual tools to help developers to quickly and easily identify correct object properties for applications under test. Using TestLeft, developers can easily generate test code simply by dragging and dropping identifiers over objects on the screen, Kaul said.

"Testing tools are moving right in the middle of the development cycle, which is increasingly becoming complicated," said Chris Marsh, Research Director at 451 Research, in a statement. "This in part led to TestLeft with SmartBear following the trend 'to the left.' In other words, the shift is towards developers in increasingly Agile workflows doing more testing, so that organizations don’t have to be reliant on the often attritional, sequential to-and-fro with test teams, which often elongates testing time and hence time to market. In this case, TestLeft enables robust object-level recognition on the UI, which developers can leverage from within Visual Studio. The tool will be a nice compliment for SmartBear's Java and .NET customer base using TestComplete and TestExecute. The integration is done through a simple API call from Visual Studio to TestLeft’s testing engine, thereby making the integration easy to replicate with other IDEs and development platforms."


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