AppFog PaaS Now Generally Available, Offers 'Disruptive' Pricing Model

AppFog announced its platform as a service (PaaS) is now generally available, with competitive pricing for a range of developer scenarios.

AppFog, which provides a managed platform as a service (PaaS) for cloud-based application deployment and management, has announced the pricing and general availability of its new platform for Web, enterprise and mobile developers.

According to AppFog, its pricing is simple: You pay for the amount of RAM you need. To get started, developers and enterprises can visit to create a free account with 2GB of RAM. Monthly plans with additional RAM are also available: 4GB for $100, 16GB for $380 and 32GB for $720. For those requiring terabytes of RAM, the charge is $22.50 per GB for as much as you need.

€œToday, we are in the early Hotmail days of PaaS with all the leading providers giving the equivalent of 15MB of space to run apps,€ said Lucas Carlson, founder and CEO of AppFog, in a statement. €œAppFog is doing to PaaS what Google did to email. We are giving developers 2GB of RAM for free to use any way they want, such as scaling their app with dozens of load-balanced instances or running it across multiple infrastructures.€

During AppFog€™s beta program, the company served more than 10 terabytes of RAM to thousands of customers, including the City of New York, who chose AppFog after evaluating many cloud vendors to help them with their enterprise cloud strategy. AppFog says there are more than 40,000 developers deploying more than 60,000 apps on the AppFog platform.

"Our biggest concerns when adopting the cloud were maintenance and flexibility," Brandon Jirousek, Web content coordinator for the National Basketball Association€™s Cleveland Cavaliers, said in a statement. "Our staff needs to put servers in cruise control without worrying about the maintenance, but still have the flexibility to adapt and make changes when necessary. AppFog has allowed us to do just that."

€œAt RageChill, the biggest concerns for cloud adoption have been pricing, performance and lock-in,€ Will Schreiber, founder of Bus Productions and the RageChill music discovery app, said in a statement. €œThere is a lot of hype and claims out there, but AppFog consistently delivered on these three things better than anyone else.€

AppFog said the company€™s GA brings a new set of functionality to enterprise and modern startup mobile and Web app developers. The company claims it offers: the most affordable and simplest pricing in the cloud; offers the same price even if users mix multiple back-end infrastructure vendors, and always the fastest servers available; and enables developers to easily scale apps on the free service.

Moreover, AppFog officials said the company delivers what developers expect from the cloud today:

● best interoperability in the cloud with single click, zero-code migrations between cloud vendors, eliminating vendor lock-in;

● 30-second deployments to Amazon Web Service (AWS), Rackspace, HP, Azure and more; and

● support for Java, .NET, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres and more.

In addition, AppFog enables users to run their own managed PaaS platform on-premise through OpenStack or VMware vSphere or in public clouds.