Borland Tops SCM Survey

Developers choose Borland's StarTeam as the top software configuration management tool in an Evans Data poll.

Borland Software beat out its competition to be named the top source control management software provider in a recent survey.

According to the June 19 survey, conducted by Evans Data, Borland won out over competitors such as Microsoft, IBM Rational, Serena Software and open-source vendors.

Developers responding to the Evans survey chose Borlands StarTeam as the top SCM (source control management) product on the market, Evans officials said.

/zimages/5/28571.gifTo read about how microphone and audio electronics manufacturer Shure uses StarTeam, click here.

The Evans Data Developers Choice: Source Control Management Systems survey for 2007 compared leading SCM products in a variety of areas. StarTeam won in the areas of file management, merge tracking, performing releases, speed of check-in/check-out, administrative overhead, bug tracking, artifact traceability and server usage.

Moreover, developers rated Borlands offering as being in the top three in virtually all categories, giving it the greatest overall rating.

The products evaluated in the survey were CVS, IBM ClearCase/ClearQuest, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Perforce, Serena/PVCS, Subversion and StarTeam.

Each SCM product was reviewed in categories such as change management, ease and granularity of access control, administrative overhead, branching (or streams), performing releases, merge tracking, server usage, bug tracking, artifact traceability, scalability, performance, support for geographically distributed development, speed of check-in/check-out, value for the price, integration with other tools, and security, Evans officials said.

"Borland has a rich heritage of delivering world-class technologies to support development teams," said Corné Human, product marketing manager for configuration management solutions at Borland, in Austin, Texas.

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