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Visual Studio 2017 2

Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate Gets Improved .NET Core Tooling

Microsoft fixes bugs and delivers better .NET Core and ASP.NET Core experiences ahead of the Visual Studio 2017 Integrated Development Environment official release later this year.
Software engineers

Top 8 Skills Recruiters Are Seeking in Software Engineers SLIDESHOW

In the always-changing IT job market, simply putting in the hours and being good at what you do may not be enough. You need an edge, and you need to be versatile. The surest advantage in 2017 is to possess the skills that are most in demand and help your employer keep up with the technological...

Oracle Acquires Apiary to Move into API Management

Apiary spans the API creation lifecycle, including design, governance, testing and documentation, while supporting API Blueprint and OpenAPI industry standards.
Simplygon 3D Buyout

Microsoft Acquires Simplygon 3D Virtual Reality Development Technology

Seeking to enable "3D for everyone," Microsoft acquired Swedish software maker Simplygon 3D, which specializes in 3D data-optimization for virtual reality application development.

CodeFights Report Reveals Programming Language Efficiency, Popularity SLIDESHOW

Programming no longer is just for highly trained experts. In fact, some people who have little or no formal training in software development are using the latest development platforms to work with widely used programming languages such as C++, JavaScript and others, according to industry research....

DevOps Adoption High in 2016, But Some Users Hit QA Wall

New industry research by Appvance and Vanson Bourne finds 54 percent of users see software testing as a nagging bottleneck.

Pyze Adds Support for Web, SaaS, Native App Developers

Pyze enables mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize app growth, personalize engagement—and make some money at the same time.

Realm Unveils Freemium Mobile DB, Image Recognition via IBM

Realm Scanner is a new open source mobile demo application built together with the IBM Cloud and Mobile team that uses Watson image recognition.
Microsoft Build 2017B

Microsoft Build 2017 Developers Conference to Convene in Seattle

Microsoft plans to convene the Build 2017 developers conference in Seattle, Wash. after holding the show in San Francisco for the past several years.

BMC Launches Agile Innovation Suite for Building New Apps

Cloud-based development environment is designed to enable developers and business analysts to co-create enterprise apps with effective user interfaces.
Open Source AI

Google's Alphabet Open Sources DeepMind AI Platform Code

Alphabet-owned DeepMind says it will open source the code for its DeepMind Lab that provides an environment that AI researchers can use to train virtual software agents to act autonomously.
Open Source Testing

Google Rolls Out Continuous Fuzzing Service for Open Source Software

Google's new OSS-Fuzz software testing service only be available at least initially for really large and critical open source projects

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