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security thoughts

Black Duck Forms Open-Source Security Group in Northern Ireland

Black Duck Software has formed an Open Source Security Research Group in Northern Ireland, tapping into the region's base of cyber-security expertise.
cloud apps

More Than 5.4M Developers Now Working in the Cloud: Study

A recent Evans Data study indicated that there are now more than 5.4 million software developers using cloud-based development environments.
application security

Virgil Security Raises $4M for Application Security

The security vendor aims to embed security as part of an application by way of an integrated software development kit.
cloud thoughts

Stack Overflow Launches Developer Story: A Better Programmer Resume

Developer community Stack Overflow launches Developer Story, a new way for programmers to describe their experience and skills.
IBM Watson

IBM Launches Watson Application Developer Certification Program

IBM's new Watson Application Developer Certification program will help to identify qualified developers of cognitive computing apps.
mobile app development

Mobile Developer Ranks Reach 12M, to Top 14M by 2020

The population of developers writing mobile applications has grown to 12 million and is expected to reach 14 million by 2020.
Microsoft logo

Microsoft Connect(); 2016 Developer Event Coming to NYC Next Month

Microsoft announced it will hold its Connect(); 2016 developer conference in New York Nov. 16 and 17, where a Visual Studio update is expected to be released.
Agile development

Compuware Brings the Mainframe Further Into the DevOps Fold

Compuware has made a series of moves to bring DevOps front and center for enterprises that depend on the mainframe, including REST APIs for DevOps tool chains.

Qt Releases Light Version of IoT Development Framework

Qt Lite enables developers to streamline the creation/delivery of software and devices for all relevant platforms and any connected object, regardless of size.
Microsoft and AI

How Microsoft Is Applying AI for Enterprise Digital Transformation SLIDESHOW

At its Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta this week, Microsoft demonstrated how it is using artificial intelligence across the board to deliver smarts throughout its product line to help customers get more out of the Microsoft technologies they use. In short, Microsoft is trying to democratize...
Microsoft logo

Microsoft Aims to Democratize Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft is working to infuse all of its products with artificial intelligence capabilities to bring more smarts to its applications and technologies portfolio.
Microsoft logo

Microsoft Delivers Version 2.0 of TypeScript Programming Language

Microsoft announced the final release of its TypeScript 2.0 programming language, a superset of JavaScript, available as a download with Visual Studio Code.

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