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Red Hat

Red Hat Advances Container Development Efforts with OpenShift

At Red Hat Summit, new efforts including and the Container Health Index debut as Red Hat aims to grow its share of the container market.

How F8 Illustrated Facebook's Continuous Evolution

NEWS ANALYSIS: Facebook uses F8 conference to show that it continues to move far beyond just being the "Blue App" on a smartphone or laptop.

AWS Rolls Out New-Gen Tools for DB Admins, Data Scientists

Amazon Redshift Spectrum enables Redshift customers to run SQL queries against potential exabytes of data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

AWS Releases Bevy of New AI, Container, DevOps Development Tools

AWS didn't release 1,000 new tools April 19 like it did during the 2016 calendar year, but it almost felt like it.
artificial intelligence

Google Teaches Computers to Draw Using Sketches Drawn by Humans

A Google research paper released this week describes how the company is teaching computers to draw basic images on their own using human sketches as a model.
Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio for Mac Update Takes Inspiration from Windows

The web development experience in Visual Studio for Mac hews much closer to its Windows counterpart in a new update.
Microsoft .NET Future

Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7 Includes Major UI Enhancements

Developers can now take advantage of Windows 10 Creators Update's new high-DPI enhancements for sharper screens, touch input tweaks and improved stylus support.

DigitalOcean Releases Free-of-Charge Cloud Server Monitor

The monitor measures the performance of each droplet's CPU (central processing unit), its memory, disk utilization, disk reads and writes, network traffic and top processes.
devops tools

Microsoft to Shut Down CodePlex Development Repository

Nearly 11 years after setting up CodePlex, the software giant announces plans to shut down the code repository in favor of focusing its efforts on GitHub.

JavaScript Is Still Most Popular Language, but Developers Love Rust SLIDESHOW

What languages do developers want to use? Although they use JavaScript the most, it's Rust and Linux they really love, according to the latest Stack Overflow developer survey.
Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 Previews Play Well With Release Versions

Developers can now keep both their production IDE and preview Visual Studio releases on the same PC with no ill effects.
devops drive cloud

CA's Veracode Deal Not a Sign of DevOps Consolidation, Analysts Argues

CA Technologies’ announced acquisition of application-security vendor Veracode will help beef up the company’s DevOps security portfolio, but will also require it to support some product integration with competitors

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