A Look Back at 8 IBM Strategic Acquisitions in 2016

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A Look Back at 8 IBM Strategic Acquisitions in 2016

Big Blue expanded its analytics, disaster recovery and security capabilities in 2016 through a series of strategic acquisitions.

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IBM Buys Weather Company Assets

IBM first announced its intention to acquire the products and technology group from The Weather Company in October 2015 and the deal officially closed on Jan. 29, 2016. Among the products that IBM launched with The Weather Company assets in 2016 was a Cold and and Flu Tracker application in October 2016, that uses cognitive computing technology to provide data on localized cold and flu activity to consumers.

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IRIS Analytics Combats Payment Fraud

IBM acquired IRIS Analytics on Jan. 15, marking the first new acquisition of the year. IRIS Analytics provides real-time analytics to help combat payment fraud. IBM has since renamed the technology as IBM Counter Fraud Management for Safer Payments.

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Ustream Becomes Part of IBM Cloud Video Services

Barely a week after the acquisition of IRIS Analytics, IBM announced the acquisition of online streaming vendor Ustream on Jan. 21. Ustream joined the newly-formed IBM Cloud Video Services unit that combines assets from IBM's Research and Development labs and strategic acquisitions.

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Truven Health Analytics

IBM acquired Truven Health Analytics in a $2.6 billion deal announced on Feb.19. Truven Health Analytics is a provider of cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights.

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Resilient Systems' Security Incidence Response Platform

Security has long been a core area of focus for IBM, which it bolstered with the Feb. 29 acquisition of Resilient Systems. Resilient System develops an incident response platform which was expanded on Dec. 15 with new ransomware capabilities.

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EZSource Application Discovery Technology

On June 1, IBM announced that it was acquiring application discovery company EZSource. EZSource provides a visual dashboard that shows developers which applications have changed, to help expedite the process of modernizing applications, while exposing APIs and opening up development resources.

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Promontory Financial Group Supports Compliance, Risk Analysis

IBM announced on Sept. 29 that it was acquiring risk management and regulatory compliance consulting firm Promontory Financial Group. IBM is using Promontory's expertise now to help train Watson to understand compliance and financial risk.

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Sanovi Technologies

On Oct. 27, IBM announced its intent to acquire Sanovi Technologies, which provides disaster recovery services for hybrid cloud deployments. "As a cloud-native company, Sanovi will strengthen our resiliency portfolio to manage the broad range of applications, data, and IT systems of our clients balancing digital and hybrid cloud transformation with increased regulatory compliance," Martin Jetter, senior vice president of Global Technology Services at IBM, said.

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How Microsoft, LinkedIn Will Integrate their Cloud Business Services

After months of working through regulatory hurdles, Microsoft on Dec. 8 completed its $26.2 billion LinkedIn acquisition. Closing this deal means Microsoft now will have a strong foothold in enterprise social networking, giving it access to a huge new channel to sell its applications and cloud services to enterprises. For LinkedIn, the acquisition starts a new chapter in which the professional social network will continue to offer its services to users and expand beyond its digital borders into Office 365, Dynamics 365 and even MSN.com. For users, the Microsoft-LinkedIn merger could provide more opportunities to connect with other professionals and make it easier for them to update their resumés and find new opportunities. But there’s much more to the LinkedIn acquisition than that. This slide show will discuss key points Microsoft and LinkedIn have outlined in their strategy to integrate...
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